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CUSTOM Pricing Adjuster For Swatches or Custom Made Order

CUSTOM Pricing Adjuster For Swatches or Custom Made Order Item NO: 962483

US$ 29.99
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CUSTOM Pricing Adjuster For Swatches or Custom Made Order
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Customized Requirements
MOQ ( 1 )
  • This is made-to-measure custom service charges pricing adjuster in order to meet the total custom fees. Custom orders don't accept return and refund, unless product defective issue.
  • 8 headers: Antique bronze Grommet, Nickel Grommet, Rod Pocket, Back Tab, Tab Top, Flat Hook, Pinch Pleat, Goblet.
  • SIZE CUSTOMIZED: The curtain size means the single curtain size, not the track or pole size. Customer decide the curtain wide size, considering fullness and folding.
  • LINING OPTIONS: 1) White cotton 105 gsm privacy lining to enhance weight; 2) 97% white blackout lining in 140 gsm; 3) Thermal blackout lining 200 gsm microfiber with white foam coated.
  • LEADTIME: Normally need 3-7 days tailoring and 4-10 days international express delivery.
Product Name CUSTOM Pricing Adjuster For Swatches or Custom Made Order
Item NO 962483
Style Shabby Chic, Vintage, Luxury, Nautical, Coastal, Modern, Casual, Contemporary, Country, Classic
Material Faux Dupioni, Cotton Silk, Cotton Linen Blend, Velvet, Rayon, Faux Silk, Faux Taffeta, Polyester Cotton Blend, Faux Linen, Satin, Silk, Linen, Cotton, Polyester
Features Blackout, Windproof, Waterproof, Heavy weight, Cafe, Flame retardant, Anti-mite, Eco-friendly, Curtain Sheer Set, Curtain Valance Set, Door Patio, Kids Teen, Energy Saving, Unlined, Privacy Lined, Room Darkening, Blackout Lined, Thermal Blackout Foam Coated
Pattern Textured, Embroidered, Jacquard, Damask, Chevron, Sports, Nautical, Animal, Paisley, Leaf, Novelty, Polka Dots, Geometic, Floral Botanical, Striped, Plaid Check Gingham, Solid
Collection Pricing Adjuster
Header Type Custom
Weight 4.0000 kg = 8.8185 lb = 141.0958 oz
Category Custom
Tag Custom , Custom Made , DIY , Custom Made Order , customized curtains
Brand ChadMade
Creation time 2018-08-10


Fabric Swatches Order

Spend $29.99 to order maximum 5 fabric swatches.  This amount could be deducted from your formal custom order, if order amount is over $299. We handle refund after your formal order is shipped.

How To Place Custom-Made Order

1. Header: Nickel Grommet/ Antique Bronze Grommet/ Tab Top/ Rod Pocket/ Goblet/ Pinch Pleated/ Back Tab/ Flat Hooks.
2. Single Panel Width and Length: __inch. 
Measure your rod or track,and decide curtain width. Normally curtain width need to be 1.25-2X wider than rod or track width for fullness. Please refer to guide on measuring to decide fullness for width.
3. Lining:
Unlined; Privacy Lining (cotton blend in white, 105 gsm); Blackout Lining (140 gsm weight, white); Thermal lining ( 200 gsm microfiber with white coated).
4. Curtain Tieback: No or Yes (standard size 3x18 inches).
5. Quantity.

Send email to [email protected] to provide above information for quote before place custom order.

Privacy Lining: It is care finish, and minimize creasing. Privacy lining block about above 88% of sunlight. The lining fabric is in white in default.

Blackout Lining: We use a 3-pass white blackout lining giving a superior effect. This lining is available in white in default. Please note that although the lining is blackout some light will still be visible around the edge of the curtain. To minimize this effect, please ensure that your curtains extend at least 4 inches (10cm) beyond each edge of the window. Curtain with blackout lining could block 97% of sunlight.

Thermal Lining: Microfiber foam coated lining in white. This gives it insulating properties which help to reduce heat loss from a window and therefore also helps to conserve energy. Insulate 805 and block out 100% sunlight.


1. Provide 8 headings of hanging way to fit both traverse rod and track for each fabric.
2. Provide 3 types of lining. Privacy, blackout and thermal. It is up to you according to season.
3. Sharp competitive price worldwide. We are manufacturer, not middle man.
4. Only 6 steps to place customized curtain drapes online easily to save your time. We live for internet.


Crystal Gaudet

Beautiful. Soft. Quality. They are very heavy, but hang beautifully.


Irene Pendergast

Love these curtains the color was just as the pictured showed and they are absolutely beautiful in my bedroom and so soft!



Wonderful product !!! I’m very happy!!!


Irene Pendergast

While I only have this product 4 stars bc they are not blAck out but they were very true to color and absolutely beautiful! There was just a few wrinkles from packaging but they steamed out easily! I will be buying these again for my bedroom!



Unfortunately, these were the wrong color for me (crimson rust) but I had to write a review because the quality of these curtains is outstanding. The fabric has a beautiful nap and the weight of the drape is really solid. But the way they are made is real quality. The lining is heavy and the stitching and binding is superior. I am really astounded by the price. I wish there were a color that worked for me. When I tried this drape over the window I could tell that not only was it light blocking but it would have cut a lot of heat too from sunlight. If these come in a color that works for you, buy them!


carol kershner

The color is a lush,deep,teal green and the fabric is so soft. The product is exceptional for the low price.


Jessica Ferman

Absolutely love them!! They are gorgeous! The velvet gives it a sexy romantic feel. We have them in our living room! Buying again for bedroom! Got the darker blue!



So luxurious. They look and feel expensive and completely black out and cool my bedroom.



For the price, these are beautiful. Soft, pretty and look expensive.


Dana Jones

These are beautiful and do a great job blocking the sun. My windows look fabulous


Vazquez Burgos

Who ever gave a bad review I don't get why. This curtains are GORGEOUS!!!!!! See pictures to believe. I'm sooo in loved with the color, fabric is sooo soft and such good quality for the price. Is completely worth the money. They are super long. I don't know what to say, I'm in love. Buy them and you will understand. I wanted to change the color in my room. With all the snow of winter I needed some sunshine now that Spring is here and this makes the room bright and beautiful but also protect from the outdoors light when you don't want it.



Beautiful and cost effective



This product feels and looks great. It is noise, heat, and cold reduction as advertised. The product arrived on time, in excellent condition. You won't be disappointed !!!!!!


Katie Bacon

Obsessed with these! They are certainly a dark teal, and beautifully textured and luxurious for how inexpensive they were! It’s been 4 months and they have stayed vibrant and pretty.



Purchased 2 sets of the black curtains, 108” long. Love them. Fairly light weight so they are easy to open & close everyday. They hang very well, & also “bunch” nicely. Love how the rod pocket allows the curtains to look contemporary. The only reason I’m giving them 4 stars is bc the lengths were not exact on any of them. I already had my curtain rods up at 108 & didn’t want to move them. Plus it is ok that the curtains are off my floors a little since I have tile, otherwise they just become dust mops & would attract more attention than just being a little short. (See 3rd pic.) Will be ordering more soon, in different colors!


This is my pen name

I wasn’t expected to be as pleasantly surprised as I was when I hung these drapes. The feel of the velvet, the weight, the color, all truly spot on for what I had envisioned when I began a search for velvet curtains. Really blocks out the light incredibly well. I like the style of the pleats as well. Perfect.



Great quality and look luxcious. Can’t beat the price and the amazing material



Amazing quality. I cannot believe they’re as cheap as they are.



Love the weight and the quality and the rich expensive look ! After I hung them I noticed a imperfection about 12 inches long but I can hide it in the pleat I ordered 3 sets of 2 . I’m keeping them .


mike mccrimon

Great drapes
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