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100% Blackout Curtain Thermal Foam Coated Drapery Custom SABA

100% Blackout Curtain Thermal Foam Coated Drapery Custom SABA Item NO.: SABA-1708

US$ 58.99
White 1708-1 Ivory White 1708-2 Beige 1708-3 Almond 1708-4 Lake Blue 1708-5 Pistachio 1708-6 Pink 1708-7 Khaki 1708-8 Brown Rice 1708-9 Apple Green 1708-10 Tibetan Stone 1708-11 Sand 1708-12 Desert 1708-13 Light Grey 1708-14 Semolina 1708-15 Nougat 1708-17 Dark Gray 1708-20 Brown 1708-23 Cloud Blue 1708-24 Ivory 1708-25
Header Type
Tab Top(+US$ 2.00) Flat Hook(+US$ 2.00) Pinch Pleated(+US$ 47.00) Rod Pocket(+US$ 1.00) Nickel Grommet Goblet(+US$ 48.00) Back Tab Antique Bronze Grommet Hook Belt Inverted Pleat Box(+US$ 47.00) 4-IN-1(+US$ 29.00) Triple Pleat(+US$ 59.00) Tailor Triple Pleat(+US$ 59.00) Tailor Double Pleated(+US$ 49.00) Velcro Tab Top(+US$ 10.00) Tape Pleat(+US$ 49.00)
Single Panel Finished Width in Inch (with extra fullness factored in)
25 36 48 50 55(+US$ 10.00) 58(+US$ 11.00) 64(+US$ 14.00) 69(+US$ 16.00) 72(+US$ 18.00) 78(+US$ 20.00) 82(+US$ 28.00) 88(+US$ 30.00) 108(+US$ 40.00) 112(+US$ 52.00) 115(+US$ 75.00) 120(+US$ 76.00) 126(+US$ 85.00) 150(+US$ 89.00) 165(+US$ 98.00) 176(+US$ 100.00) 188(+US$ 102.00) 200(+US$ 110.00)
Finished Length (Height) in Inch
42 46 60 65(+US$ 2.00) 66(+US$ 3.00) 67(+US$ 4.00) 68(+US$ 5.00) 69(+US$ 6.00) 70(+US$ 7.00) 71(+US$ 8.00) 72(+US$ 9.00) 73(+US$ 10.00) 74(+US$ 10.00) 75(+US$ 11.00) 76(+US$ 12.00) 77(+US$ 13.00) 78(+US$ 14.00) 79(+US$ 15.00) 80(+US$ 16.00) 81(+US$ 17.00) 82(+US$ 18.00) 83(+US$ 19.00) 84(+US$ 20.00) 85(+US$ 21.00) 86(+US$ 22.00) 87(+US$ 23.00) 88(+US$ 24.00) 89(+US$ 25.00) 90(+US$ 26.00) 91(+US$ 27.00) 92.5(+US$ 28.00) 93(+US$ 29.00) 94(+US$ 30.00) 95(+US$ 31.00) 96(+US$ 32.00) 97(+US$ 33.00) 98(+US$ 34.00) 99(+US$ 35.00) 100(+US$ 36.00) 104(+US$ 37.00) 108(+US$ 38.00) 110(+US$ 39.00) 115(+US$ 39.00) 120(+US$ 40.00) 130(+US$ 41.00) 140(+US$ 42.00) 150(+US$ 43.00) 160(+US$ 44.00) 170(+US$ 45.00) 180(+US$ 46.00) 188(+US$ 47.00) 200(+US$ 48.00)
Matching Tieback (3x18 Inches)
Yes(+US$ 6.99) No Need
Customized Requirements
  • Sold per panel. Size in inch.
  • 100% blackout curtain panel.
  • Quality Waterproof mildew proof fabric with liner feels soft and heavy.
  • Machine washable in cold water, use only non-chlorine bleach when needed, tumble dry low and warm iron as need.
  • The max achievable finished single curtain width is 106 inches for grommet, tab top, rod pocket header style, 58 inches for pinch pleat, if the length is over 102 inches. Otherwise, it needs to be doublewide.
  • The maximum achievable finished single curtain length is 102 inches, if the width is over 106 inches for grommet rod pocket style. Otherwise, it needs to be doublewide.
Product Name 100% Blackout Curtain Thermal Foam Coated Drapery Custom SABA
Item NO. SABA-1708
Style Luxury, Coastal, Modern, Casual, Contemporary, Country
Features Blackout, Energy Saving, Unlined, Room Darkening, Thermal Blackout Foam Coated
Material Polyester
Color Theme Khaki, White, Sand, Ivory White, Pink, Almond, Pistachio, Brown Rice, Tibetan Stone, Desert, Semolina, Nougat, Cloud Blue, Apple Green, Dark Grey, Lake Blue, Light Grey, Ivory, Brown, Beige
Pattern Solid
Applicable Scene Outdoor, Hall, Office, Restaurant, Garage, Kitchen, Basement, Utility room, Attic, Studio, Dressing room, Family Room, Gym, Living room, Bedroom, Staircase, Open air cottage, Media room, Study, Bathroom, Entrance, Sun room, Pool room, Game room, Nursery room
Collection SABA
Header Type Custom
Shading Rate 100% absolute blackout and energy saving
Care Instruction Machine wash with similar colors, do not bleach,warm iron.
Fabric Weight (gsm) 265
Weight 1.2800 kg = 2.8219 lb = 45.1507 oz
Category Solid > Blackout
Brand ChadMade
Creation Time 2019-07-29

Saba Collection

Saba collection with 20 colors is smooth with honorable looks.It has a natural luster with a depth of color. The curtains keep the light out and provides for optimal insulation.

Light Blocking Energy Savers
300 gsm fabrics can make a world of a difference to blackout light that comes in from outside, which has green-conscious consumers excited about investing them as energy-efficient window treatments. A home insulated and remains warmer in wintertime relieves the strain on home heating and adds up to burget noticeable energy saving of up to 25 percent.

Sleep Soother and Noise Buffer
It's hard to get babies to take a rest during the day when the sun is streaming brightly through a bedroom window. Blackout curtains encourage the best possible sleep and most comfortable setting for day sleepers and the ones who have trouble falling asleep, by automatically darkening and lowering noise levels.

Absolute Privacy and Relax

Not only that, but also make your resting zone truly blissful. They would be perfect for any home theater because there's nothing like watching your favorite movie in real darkness.


Amazon Customer

The q


William Singvongsa

These curtains are absolutely perfect for blocking light. My bedroom windows are northeast facing, so during the summer, the sun rising before 5 o’clock would awaken me. Not anymore! There is a little bit of light from the top of the curtains, of course, but I like that a quick glance can give me some idea of the time of morning. The windows are 71 inches wide, so one set of two panels was enough; as for length, they hang two feet below the bottom of the window, blocking light well below the window; something to keep in mind when making your purchase. My room is a wonderfully dark cave, just the way I like it! Curtains are high-quality, and very silky to the touch. The grommets let the curtains slide easily along the bar. I highly recommend these curtains to anyone who’s looking for blackout curtains.



These curtains actually block out the light!! In the pictures - I had BOTH windows open and barely any light came through. The panels are big (my window is 70Wx40L) and I ordered the 52Wx45L (per panel) and they fit well! Good nights sleep, here I come!!!


Lana H

Right after I ordered these, I felt guilty for spending so much on a set of curtains...but after receiving them, I am so glad I did! These are worth every penny. I have a hard time sleeping when there’s light, but after the first night of having these I slept in until noon! They are really heavy and I was a little concerned about my curtain rod holding them up, but I think as long as I’m not pulling on them it’ll be ok. The picture was taken at 12:30 in the afternoon. I didn’t have them positioned on the sides to keep the extra light out, but when I do, there’s no light coming in. I highly recommend!


Melissa Favata

I wanted curtains to block out the morning sun in by babies nursery and this really does work! I was afraid to get the white because it wouldn’t work as well but it keeps 99% of the light out. I included pictures of the curtains in the middle of the day with blinds open/ curtain open, blinds open /curtain closed and the darkest option with both blinds and curtain closed which gave the room almost complete darkness in the middle of the day and I could barely walk without having to feel my way around as if it was in the middle of the night!! Good quality material too!


Karen Brashear

We just hung these curtains tonight and already am noticing how much cooler and obviously darker it is in our bedroom.

We recently had a large tree removed that gave quite a bit of shade and needed something for the windows other than the blinds.

They def Do their job as described. No light enters! I am excited to see how they block the heat as it is suppose to reach 100 this week.

I would def buy again and recommend.

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