7 Beautiful Curtains: Make Your Windows to a Big Upgrade with ChadMade's Curtains on Black Friday

Are you looking to revamp your house interior? You don't have to throw away all your decorations and furniture and do an entire makeover. Just some windows treatments of your room can enhance its appeal and change the overall look of the room. 

When it comes to house transformation, expenses can go overboard real quick. But if you make the right decisions, you can transform your house by changing the one thing, that is, curtains! This post is for all those people who love revamping their house every now and then. Whether your aesthetics are minimal or edgy, bohemian or chic, this post covers options for every style. We will talk about 7 beautiful curtains from ChadMade this Black Friday. 

What Makes Curtains So Important?

Curtains are an essential part of any house. They not only help in blocking out the light and sound, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room, just like icing on a cake!

They come in many shades, textures, and patterns so everyone can have something according to their style, needs, and the overall interior of their home. However, curtains can also negatively affect the house if they are old or don't complement your house's style.

Having outdated or worn-out curtains can make a room look lifeless and stuffy. Here are some reasons why curtains are such an important element of your house:

         1. Elevates The Aesthetic Appeal

There is no need to hire an expensive interior designer when you can elevate the appeal of your room with curtains.

           2. Maintains Temperature

Some curtains, like the Liz linen curtain, can regulate the temperature of your space. It keeps your room cold in summers and warm in winters.

3. Prevents Dust And Sunlight

Sometimes direct sunlight can be irritating, and the dust also gets inside your room through a window opening. Curtains play an important role in keeping both of them away.

4. Ensures Privacy

No one wants outsiders peeking into your house, so curtains can help maintain privacy.

You also need to think about other elements in your room. For example, if the furniture in your house is dark, you need to add contrasting curtains in lighter colors like beige or off-white. Or, if your room is whitewashed, you can add colorful curtains to pop a new color and put life in the room.

7 Beautiful Curtains to Elevate Your Windows Covering

Now that you know all about the role curtains play in your house, it's time to look at some options. We have compiled the 7 best designs that cover different textures, colors, and designs. No matter your style or interior design, you will surely find the one you have been looking for! So, let's get started.

1. Liz Linen Curtain

Liz Linen curtains are available in many designs, from lace embroidered tulle to minimal blackout curtains.


Linen curtains are the top choice of most homeowners for many reasons. Although these are made with faux linen, they regulate the room's temperature by keeping it cold during summer and warm in winters. The folds and flow of this material give a nice drape to the curtains,  and the pinch pleated design makes them look luxurious and contemporary. There are many designs and textures that come with these curtains that you can choose from. One great thing about Liz Linen Curtains is that they are timeless pieces that never go out of style.  


What You Get:

● They are thermal blackout foam coated, which is great to maintain your room temperature no matter what it is outside

● The privacy lining and room darkening options let you enjoy the privacy while keeping the sunlight away, sleep as long as you want in the day!

● Comes in many designs that include classic, contemporary, pinch pleated, casual, luxury, vintage, and more

● Made with environment-friendly fabric and offers energy savings to decrease your carbon footprint

● Versatile curtains that can be used in bedrooms, lounge, offices, or other areas.


2. Birkin Velvet Drapery


As exquisite as it sounds, Birkin velvet drapery is the perfect curtain to give your home's interior an edge!


If you love your privacy and need uninterrupted sleep for yourself or your babies, these velvet curtains will be perfect for you. These curtains are made with premium velvet with a natural luster and a soft plush look; the depth of its color makes it look extremely breathtaking. Velvet has the power to elevate your house's overall aesthetics, giving it a royal and luxe look. It is definitely the best way to make the home look fancy without spending a fortune.


ChadMade lets you choose the dimensions and the lining type, along with the styles, so you can customize it according to your house's interior. Birkin Velvet Drapery looks exquisite in halls, studios, attics, rooms, living rooms, or even offices.


What You Get:

● A perfect way to relax and enjoy maximum privacy because these curtains can completely blackout the external lights.

● Those homeowners withhome theatres can install these curtains to make the most out of its blackout feature

● These curtains offer energy-efficient windows treatments for green-conscious people. Its insulation properties keep the house's temperature maintained and save up to 25 percent of energy consumption.

● Comes in hundreds of shades and extra-size curtains to suit any person's taste and home's interior aesthetics.


3.  Rose Outdoor Curtain


Keep your outdoors as chic as your indoors with Rose Outdoor Curtain that can withstand any weather condition!


These days people are investing in the outdoor space as much as they do it indoors. There are many great ways to turn your house into an oasis by transforming patio, garden area, balcony, decks, porches, and more with contemporary curtains. People usually avoid putting curtains outdoor due to the weather conditions. That shouldn't be a concern with ChadMade curtains! Rose Outdoor Curtains are made with waterproof and durable materials that are designed specifically for outdoor spaces.


These curtains can offer you shade in summers and prevents insects or bugs while you enjoy the sweet summer air. Their unique design lets the filtered sunlight inside create a cozy private outdoor space. Moreover, they are also available in extra size curtains to fit your outdoor area. 


What You Get:

● Made with advanced three layers weaving technology that blocks out UV rays and insulates against heat and cold.

● Soft and durable material that elevates the look of your house rather than disrupting it

● Waterproof, mildew resistant, prevent bacteria, chemical odors, or other toxins

● Multiple options: Windproof, Blackout, Unlined, Energy Saving, Windproof, etc.


4. Edith Waterproof Drapery


Forget Bali when you can create your own tropical oasis with ChadMade's Edith Waterproof Drapery!


Having a nice patio or porch with beautiful curtains will definitely give it a tropical cabana feel. You can enjoy your summer parties or intimate luncheon without being bothered by the direct sunlight or UV rays. Edith Outdoor Curtains are made with advanced techniques to make them perfect for the outdoors. There is no need to worry about weather conditions because these curtains are rustproof and waterproof.

Whether you need to keep the sun or wind away or just need to give your outdoors a transformation, Edith Outdoor Curtains are perfect. They also come in a blackout option, so you can even use them in your living room or other spaces.

What You Get:

● This curtain keeps 80-90% of the harsh sunlight and UV ways away and comes with a blackout option to offer complete relaxation.

● They have contemporary designs and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

● The color themes are very minimal and neutral that doesn’t overpower the exterior design of your house

● Made with eco-friendly material and offers energy-saving options.


5.   Isabella Linen Curtain


Timeless Fabric & Contemporary Designs, Isabella Linen Curtains are perfect for any home!


Who doesn't want to save their energy consumption? Isabella Linen Curtains are made with cotton and linen material that maintains room temperature. In this way, you don't have to use a lot of energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, they are made with eco-friendly material, which is another plus point. Just like the rest of the ChadMade curtains, these also come in a variety of colors and textures.


What makes these curtains so special is that they have a noise buffering feature. Most of us are bothered by the heavy noise outside, and it's even worse when it disturbs kids' sleep. It not only blocks the light but also reduces noise significantly to give you a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. So, think about it, having curtains that serve the purpose of interior design and offer relaxation to the whole family!

What You Get:

● There are multiple styles to choose from, such as shabby chic, nautical, country, coastal, casual, etc.

● Other than the home they can also be used in halls, offices, and restaurants

● Made with durable material that lasts for a long time and doesn’t go out of style either

● Offers complete privacy and uninterrupted sleep during the day.


6. Regal Fireproof Curtain


Keep your kids safe from fire with these flame retardant fire-resistant curtains!


If you are looking for curtains that are safe for your kids' room but look appealing as well, you should take a look at Regal Fireproof Curtains. These curtains are just like any other beautiful curtains but come with a flame-resistant property to extinguish the fire immediately. It doesn't leave any toxins or chemical odor, is smokeless, and is eco-friendly. If you or your kids are light sleepers, they also keep the daylight and noise away so everyone can sleep or relax easily.

What You Get:

● It meets California fire marshal title 19: section 1237.1/NFPA701

● Blocks 99% of light, save up to 31% of the energy consumption cost, and reduces the external noise up to 41%

● You can use this in bedrooms, offices, lounge areas, basements, garages, or other areas.

● Made with durable material, and comes in many options such as luxury, casual, vintage, and more.


7. Rose Waterproof Curtain


Luxury transformation of your outdoor spaces with chic and sophisticated curtains!


There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on your porch and enjoying barbecues or other summer activities, but the scorching sun stops you from coming out. Thanks to Rose Waterproof Curtains, you can enjoy the summer parties by being in the shade.


Whether you have a balcony, porch, patio, or any other outdoor space that you want to transform, don't forget about the curtains! Curtains might seem an expense to most of you for the outdoor space, but that is an investment. These windows treatments add the same aesthetic appeal to the outdoors as it does to the indoors and keep your space safe from bugs, insects, and UV rays. Rose Waterproof Curtains are made with polyester material that makes it waterproof, so you don't worry about rainy days!

What You Get:

● Breathable material that doesn't stop you from enjoying the breeze

● It can be used for outdoor parties, beaches, patio, corridors, and any space you want

● Skin and environment-friendly material that doesn't emit toxins or chemical odor

● Available in many prints and patterns to suit every consumer's taste.


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Wrapping Up

Curtains serve some of the most vital purposes of any space: home, office, restaurant, or hotel. They have the power to either make or break the aesthetics of the room, so it's important to choose carefully.


ChadMade curtains company has been the pioneer in offering contemporary and classic window coverings for decades. They have something in store for every individual or every purpose. This post compiled the 7 most gorgeous and best-selling curtains that offer multiple benefits for you. Whether you need to transform your indoor space or outdoors, need patterns or prints, ChadMade curtains cater to all your needs need.


If you wish to transform your space using these beautiful curtains, visit the ChadMade curtains website!

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