9 Ideas for a Beautifully Draped Home

When the light through yonder window breaks, most of us start the day by opening the curtains and peering out to see what the weather holds. For me the idea of curtains always conjures up images of mystery — neighbors peering from behind their shutters, or the dramatic swoosh of drapes to reveal a surprise. When I was starring in a high school play, I surprised everyone by mistiming my entrance onstage. I clutched each end of the curtains, parted them with a dramatic flourish and thrust myself center stage, realizing too late that I had made my grand entrance a scene too early. I yanked the curtains closed, cursing my adolescent self, and sheltered myself from humiliation behind the safety of the drapes.

Since then I’ve always had an interesting relationship with curtains and a fear of revealing what’s behind them. But for those of us without the ghost of awkward teen years past, curtains are not just a means of blocking or revealing light; they can go far in creating stylish, unique and practical solutions for rooms that need a finishing touch. So let’s tackle the curtain demons head-on with ideas that might challenge your preconceptions.

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