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BIRKIN Velvet Curtain Drapery Item NO.: BN-VELEVT-MJ11

US$ 37.99
Off White MJ11-0 Cashmere MJ11-2 Cream MJ11-3 Khaki MJ11-5 Gray Beige MJ11-8 Taupe MJ11-9 Sable MJ11-15 Jave MJ11-17 Brown MJ11-18 Yellow MJ11-22 Orange MJ11-24 Wheat MJ11-26 Violet MJ11-32 Coral MJ11-34 Rose MJ11-36 Burgundy Red MJ11-39 Raspberry Red MJ11-43 Burgundy MJ11-46 Purple MJ11-51 Beige MJ11-56 Ivory MJ11-57 Silver Blue MJ11-60 Lake MJ11-61 Sky Blue MJ11-63 Teal MJ11-64 Grey MJ11-67 Natural Grey MJ11-72 Silver Grey MJ11-73 Chocolate MJ11-81 Grey Brown MJ11-84 Perennial Green MJ11-88 Fawn MJ11-89 Turquoise MJ11-97 Blue MJ11-99 Ocean Blue MJ11-104 Everglade Teal MJ11-106 Moss MJ11-107 Midnight Blue MJ11-108 Sapphire Blue MJ11-110 Warm Black MJ11-111
Header Type
Pinch Pleat(+US$ 58.00) Rod Pocket Flat Hook Back Tab Goblet(+US$ 60.00) Nickel Grommet Goblet Cylindrical Hook Antique Bronze Grommet Tab Top Hook Belt(+US$ 19.00) Tape Pleat(+US$ 54.00) Inverted Pleat Box(+US$ 89.00) 4-IN-1(+US$ 29.00) Triple Pleat(+US$ 78.00) Tailor Triple Pleat(+US$ 89.00) Tailor Double Pleated(+US$ 79.00) Velcro Tab Top(+US$ 10.00) Ripple Fold(+US$ 2.00)
Single Panel Finished Width in Inch (with extra fullness factored in)
20 27 32 36(+US$ 4.00) 40(+US$ 6.00) 42(+US$ 6.00) 45(+US$ 7.00) 50(+US$ 7.00) 52(+US$ 7.00) 54(+US$ 15.00) 55(+US$ 15.00) 58(+US$ 16.00) 60(+US$ 36.00) 66(+US$ 36.00) 68(+US$ 36.00) 72(+US$ 36.00) 75(+US$ 39.00) 80(+US$ 41.00) 84(+US$ 41.00) 90(+US$ 45.00) 96(+US$ 47.00) 104(+US$ 50.00) 108(+US$ 67.00) 120(+US$ 87.00) 128(+US$ 98.00) 150(+US$ 164.00) 158(+US$ 164.00) 161(+US$ 199.00) 168(+US$ 249.00) 173(+US$ 250.00) 180(+US$ 258.00) 185(+US$ 269.00) 198(+US$ 312.00) 274(+US$ 330.00) 281(+US$ 321.00) 285(+US$ 330.00) 377(+US$ 587.00)
Finished Length (Height) in Inch
62 66(+US$ 2.00) 68(+US$ 2.00) 72(+US$ 2.00) 74(+US$ 2.00) 78(+US$ 2.00) 82(+US$ 4.00) 84(+US$ 4.00) 85(+US$ 4.00) 86.5(+US$ 4.00) 87(+US$ 5.00) 90(+US$ 6.00) 92(+US$ 7.00) 93(+US$ 7.00) 96(+US$ 8.00) 100(+US$ 9.00) 101(+US$ 10.00) 102(+US$ 10.00) 106(+US$ 16.00) 108(+US$ 18.00) 110(+US$ 20.00) 116(+US$ 26.00) 117(+US$ 28.00) 120(+US$ 30.00) 123(+US$ 36.00) 128(+US$ 38.00) 130(+US$ 40.00) 132(+US$ 59.00) 138(+US$ 59.00) 140(+US$ 61.00) 144(+US$ 65.00) 148(+US$ 69.00) 150(+US$ 74.00) 214(+US$ 127.00) 168(+US$ 106.00) 180(+US$ 199.00) 192(+US$ 199.00) 210(+US$ 210.00)
Lining Type
Unlined Privacy Liner 90gsm White(+US$ 12.00) Room Darkening Liner 140 gsm White Finished(+US$ 21.00) White Finish Blackout Lining 220 gsm(+US$ 46.00) Thermal Blackout Liner 250 gsm(+US$ 85.00) Same Color Velvet Lined(+US$ 59.00)
Matching Tieback (3x18 Inches)
Yes(+US$ 3.99) No Need
Customized Requirements
  • Sold per panel. Size in inch.
  • Smooth luxury heavy weight 300 gsm velvet in mat finish.
  • Easy care, gentle circle. In between cleanings, use a soft-bristle brush to dust.
  • Self velvet lined works for room divider or theater drapery for home movie room.
  • The max achievable finished single curtain width is 106 inches for grommet, tab top, rod pocket header style, 58 inches for pinch pleat, if the length is over 102 inches.
  • The maximum achievable finished single curtain length is 102 inches, if the width is over 106 inches for grommet rod pocket style.
Product Name BIRKIN Velvet Curtain Drapery
Style Shabby Chic, Vintage, Luxury, Nautical, Coastal, Modern, Casual, Contemporary, Country, Classic
Features Blackout, Heavy weight, Cafe, Eco-friendly, Door Patio, Kids Teen, Energy Saving, Unlined, Privacy Lined, Room Darkening, Blackout Lined, Thermal Blackout Foam Coated
Material Velvet
Color Theme Rust, Fawn, Taupe, Tan, Teal, Earth, Neutals, Silver, Gold, Aqua, Khaki, Lavender, Orange, Yellow, White, Red, Purple, White Red, White Blue, Rust Pink, Natural Brown, Green White, Chocolate Dark Navy, Blue Chocolate, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Olive, Navy, Chocolate, Burgundy, Wheat, Cream, Coral, Burgundy Red, Warm Black, Violet, Sapphire Blue, Rose, Off White, Lake, Pink, Cashmere, Raspberry Red, Ocean Blue, Aqua Mist, Chocolate Brown, Everglade Teal, Gray Beige, Java, Natural Grey, Sable, Silver Grey, Midnight Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Perennial Green, Copper, Dark Grey, Egg White, Fuchsia, Lake Blue, Light Grey, Peacock, Pewter, Smoky Plum, Beige White, Blue Grey, Sand Beige, Taupe Grey, Rock Grey, Carbon Grey, Khaki Yellow, Gold Beige, Orange Pink, Turquiose Gray, Moss Green, Light Purple, Kiwi, Mint, Moss, Yellow Gold, Blue Teal, Black Grey, Grey Blue, Natural Grey Blue, Lt Blue, Pale Brown, Grass Green, Blue Leaf, Fawn Leaf, Green Leaf, Blue Flower, Lt Yellow Flower, Pink Flower, Red Flower, Lt Coffee, Ancient Blue, Beige Ivory, Pattern, Linen, Bone, Sepia, Flax, Charcoal, Coffee, Seafoam, Stone, Silver Blue, Crstal Pink, Ivory, Grey, Green, Brown, Blue, Black, Beige
Pattern Solid
Applicable Scene Hall, Office, Restaurant, Garage, Basement, Utility room, Attic, Studio, Dressing room, Family Room, Gym, Living room, Bedroom, Staircase, Open air cottage, Media room, Study, Entrance, Game room
Collection BIRKIN Velvet
Header Type Custom
Shading Rate 95% - 99% blackout
Cutting Direction Buy Width
Care Instruction Machine wash with similar colors, do not bleach,warm iron.
Fabric Width (inch) 108
Fabric Weight (gsm) 300
Weight 3.0000 kg = 6.6139 lb = 105.8219 oz
Category Solid > Velvet
Brand ChadMade
Creation Time 2019-07-03

BIRKIN premium velvet is soft plush pile with luxurious looks. It has a natural luster with a depth of color that creates a formal. The curtains keep the light out and provides for optimal insulation.

Light Blocking Energy Savers
300 gsm velvet lined with blackout 140 gsm or thermal lining 250 gsm drapes can make a world of a difference in blocking out light that comes in from outside, which has green-conscious consumers excited about investing them as energy-efficient window treatments. A home insulated and remains warmer in wintertime relieves the strain on home heating and adds up to noticeable energy saving of up to 25 percent.

Sleep Soother and Noise Buffer
It's hard to get babies to take a rest during the day when the sun is streaming brightly through a bedroom window. Blackout curtains encourage the best possible sleep and most comfortable setting for day sleepers and the ones who have trouble falling asleep, by automatically darkening and lowering noise levels.

Absolute Privacy and Relax
Not only that, but also make your resting zone truly blissful. They would be perfect for any home theater because there's nothing like watching your favorite movie in real darkness.

Living room

Theater home cinema


Wendy Donaldson

Excellent quality for the price. Soft and luxurious.....far better than anything I've seen in stores.



Absolutely love these curtains.The panels have really good blackout liners. Exactly what I was looking for.The fabric is great. I ordered 6 panels in total. White panels dont look ad great as the colors ones. I ordered yellow gold and khaki and they look wonderful, block light and have good insulation.The panel is bit uneven in height but I can look past that considering the fabric and other finish is good.



Absolutely love these curtains.They are every bit as described by the seller and then some. I am getting ready to order more. Just hope I can find the sizes.The panels have really good blackout liners. Exactly what I was looking for.



Amazing customer service!Thank you for help meGood product



Very nice, and they adjusted the size for me. Received quickly with great communication from Nick. Highly recommend. Another reviewer complained about pressing seams and such, but these aren’t $1000 custom curtains. Get a $20 steamer and quit complaining. These are awesome for the price, quality, and service.



Ultra good quality. That's what makes it so heavy-duty. And in my opinion, LOOKS AWESOME!


Browny J.

Finally, something that will LAST! These are high quality, with adjustable hangers! I purchased and returned a number of curtains that just did not have that hang, the texture, and that pleating I wanted. These fit everything needed. You will not regret this purchase.


Bad Product Design

Curtains hang well. Nice heavy feel. Looks luxurious at the window. Ordering again. Ordered some other drapes from another company and doesn’t compare to these. Excellent product!


Irritated Buyer in COVID

Curtains hang well. Nice heavy feel. Looks luxurious at the window. Ordering again. Ordered some other drapes from another company and doesn’t compare to these. Excellent product!


Jean Cummings

I was very surprised by the quality


Debra E.

Beautiful fabric, hangs like a dream. Will buy more.


Amazon Customer

the curtains hang good and look great .



These are perfect for our room and do a great job blocking the light. They look more expensive than they were. The only downside was y the wait, but all in all, a great value.



These drapes are spectacular! My friend gave me a set of these super soft white velvet drapes for my bedroom and I loved them so much I ordered another pair for my living room. These are the best quality drapes at this price point that I’ve ever come across. The velvet is amazing and the backside lining is thick, silky and supple. The included clips are well made and easy to insert. Be sure to order rings with the little loop then slide them right onto the clip hooks. The drapes are custom made to order and ship from China so there’s a bit of a delay from order to delivery but they’re worth the wait. Mine arrived weeks earlier than the initial estimate though. Do not think twice about ordering these for your home!


Golden angel

These drapes have been so nice to own. It keeps the sun out as our kitchen and living room windows face west.


connie hensley

These drapes surpassed my expectations by a mile!!! They fit perfectly, are very well made, and the material is so soft and beautifully lined as blackout curtains like I wanted.


Shaheen Makandar

These curtains are one of the best for the money spent. They are very good in quality and the colors are quite good and shine with this type of cloth. Love them and they look so good.


Emily s.

These are wonderfully made, high quality, thick AND lined. Definitely worth the price. Absolutely beautiful . I ordered several other velvet curtains and there is no comparison



Really great quality and material


Amazon Customer

Wonderfully made, such soft material, not quite as black out as I thought but not one thing wrong with these, had to wait few weeks for the curtains to be made but well worth the wait . Packaged nicely . Heavy, good quality material , perfect white color

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