Back Tab Curtain

Back tab curtains are usually hanged either on decorative or regular rods. The tabs are finessed, with sewn fabric of flat tubes and series of equally spaced strips at the edge part of the panel of curtain while each of the strip creates a loop.

Its strips measure 2 inches wide typically, and it should match the fabric of the curtain. The strip ends should be stitched to the top of the curtain to create a loop, while the other end of the strip is secured and folded using a decorative fastener.

The other style is each of the strips should be sewn at the back of the panel of the curtain which is a method in making back tab curtains. The tabs of the fabric should not be visible looking from of its panel.

In hanging back the tab curtains, the rod should be slid to the loops. These loops are made by stitched down types of tabs at the back of each panel of the curtain. You can then hung the rod or make an adjustment for the curtain depending on your preferred fullness. Pinch grip rings can be used, too. Place the ring on the topmost edge of curtain and slide through the rod. This will make the curtains drape into folds between its rings. Decorate back tab curtains by slipping the rod all through the back tabs. The rod should be covered by the uppermost edge of the curtain.

The window is enhanced with rod that has decorative designs. Back tab curtains can also enhance the elegance of a window especially if it is used under a pelmet or valance. Back tab curtains are available with different colors, they may be classical or modern. This also enhance the temperature of the room if [you will use cool and radiant colors.

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