Bag a French Accent With Grain Sack

All grain sack is not created equal. There's linen and burlap, vintage and vintage-made-yesterday. There are elegant stripes and loud farm-friendly graphics. And, of course, there's overuse and the perfect touch.

Personally, I love the stuff. But my love is not unconditional. I prefer a grain sack accent (it's French, by the way) to a country-cute, French-cottage-theme room. I like to see it in unexpected places, with unexpected companions: a modern chair, perhaps, or a Craftsman home. Yes, the white-on-white cottage look is lovely, but too much of a good thing is, well, you know.

Here are 14 different ways to use grain sack judiciously to add a wee French accent. It's the difference between throwing on an elegant scarf and dressing up like Marie Antoinette.

A lovely white-on-white bedroom with layers of of grain sack pillows and throws. Distinctly cottage but not overly cutsie.
Dreamy Whites
Another white-on-white beauty with just a touch of grain sack for color.
Niche Interiors

A simple bench upholstered in burlap grain sack adds a sort of refined rustic look to this bedroom. This particular bench from Wisteria is discontinued, but you can peruse Etsy for similar finds or attempt a simple DIY project with a staple gun and some upholstery-weight grain sack.

Look! More grain sack upholstery in a non-French-cottage setting. It can be done. Just look at how good it looks in this neutral, contemporary room.
Gramercy Wingback Chair
This neutral grain sack wingback chair could live almost anywhere — from the beach to the French countryside to a funky Manhattan loft.
Hemp grain sacks made into pillows in Provence

Pillows are the perfect way to get a little grain sack love in your life. This nice big pile of vintage beauties is mighty inviting.

More grain sack pillows, this time combined with a lake-cabin kind of thing. Very eclectic casual.
Grainsack Basket Black Stripe Vintage Style by jennilyons81
Little Touches

A storage bin. It could hold potatoes, newspapers, blankets, knitting, toys. And it could look good doing it.

A burlap grain sack bulletin board. A simple DIY project.

Just a touch of grain sack goes a long way. These lampshades do not dictate the style of this room, but everyone seems to get along nicely.
Vintage Grainsack Lampshade by lampshadelady on Etsy
A custom linen grain sack lampshade from Etsy.
A vanity ruffle curtain. It would look great under a kitchen sink too.
Kasey Buick
Living room curtains. You can find similar ones on Etsy or buy linen by the yard and have them made.
A table runner — classic.

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