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Ceiling Track Kit For Drapery Curtain Room Divider LORA

Ceiling Track Kit For Drapery Curtain Room Divider LORA Item NO.: CTS90709102

US$ 66.99
Small 3ft-6ft Medium 6ft-9ft Large 9ft-12ft X-Large 12ft-18ft
  • Curtains are sold separately and are also available in our Room Divider Kits.
  • Painted white make it perfect to hold up well with the humid environment.
  • Made of strong aluminum alloy with solid and strong structure.
  • 2 installation methods. One is to use connector, the other is not to use the pre-drilled track for ceiling attachment.
  • The S hook work with grommet, and the eyelet ring work for pinch pleated curtains pin hooks.
  • Track sets are sized for a variety of window and room sizes. Extra big hooks fit for any kind of curtain. Fit for Studios, Apartments, Shared bedrooms, Windows, Closets, Office space, Hospital rooms, Restaurants.
Product Name Ceiling Track Kit For Drapery Curtain Room Divider LORA
Item NO. CTS90709102
Weight 1.7000 kg = 3.7479 lb = 59.9657 oz
Category Window Hardware
Tag Ceiling track
Brand ChadMade
Creation Time 2019-07-10


* Ceiling Track Sets take the hassle out of purchasing the different components of a curtain track separately. 
* Our Ceiling Track Sets are easy to install, user-friendly, and come with everything needed to create and separate space with ease. 
* We offer a variety of track set sizes to help you find the perfect track for your space. Whether you need a curtain track for a small or big space.

* Fit for Patio, Outdoor, Studios, Apartments, Shared bedrooms, Windows, Closets, Office space, Hospital rooms, Restaurants.


* Track Width: 1 inches.
* Track Height: 3/4 inch.
* Track + Roller Hook Height (Height from the top of track to hanging part): 3 inches
* Track is pre-drilled for ceiling attachment and includes drywall mounting anchors and screws.
* Connector help you to line up and connect easily.
* Open and close your curtains with ease bu using slide rollers.
* Saw help to cut your track within 1 minute to the perfect width for your space.

* Product Name: LORA


Small - 3ft to 6ft Wide, for Spaces 3ft - 6ft Wide.
Set Include: 2 Tracks, 1 Connector, 14 Rollers, 14 Hooks, 8 Screws, 2 End Hooks, 2 End Caps and 1 Saw.

Medium - 6ft to 9ft Wide, for Spaces 6ft - 9ft Wide.
Set Include: 3 Tracks, 2 Connector, 21 Rollers, 21 Hooks, 12 Screws, 2 End Hooks, 2 End Caps and 1 Saw.

Large - 9ft to 12ft Wide, for Spaces 9ft - 12ft Wide.
Set Include: 4 Tracks, 3 Connector, 28 Rollers, 28 Hooks, 16 Screws, 2 End Hooks, 2 End Caps and 1 Saw.

x-Large - 12ft to 18ft Wide, for Spaces 12ft - 18ft Wide.
Set Include: 6 Tracks, 5 Connector, 42 Rollers, 42 Hooks, 28 Screws, 2 End Hooks, 2 End Caps and 1 Saw.



This ceiling track is great. I wanted to have the ability to close off an area in the family room for when I'm not using it. I couldn't find a solution that didn't take up to much floor space. Until I found this ceiling track!It's nearly perfect. The down side I have is that the curtain often falls off the hook when it moves over the connecting joint. This is decently not a huge issue.. It just gets to be a pain to get out the step ladder and rebook it so often.



I’ve now bought 2 of these ceiling track kits - this one and one from room dividers now. This one is a far better value (it includes tons of roller hooks vs the other providing far too few and then charging $1 each for extras), the roller hooks in this kit function more smoothly (the wheels are chubbier and deal with track piece transitions nicely), the roller hooks in this kit roll more quietly, AND this kit includes track piece transition bridges. Those are worth their weight in gold because they can be used to piece all the tracks together to make one big bar OR (bigger issue to me), ease those transitions between 2 tracks and stabilize an short end track that may only have 1 screw channel in it (without the tradition bridges, a short end piece will just spin around the screw and get misaligned from the next section of track).


Marilyn Wann

Updated to add: I messaged the seller and they promptly replied with this link: downside is they take about a month to arrive.Original review:Track works great, but in order for the curtains to look right, the system needs more hooks. If you're hanging curtains so that they lie flat fabric when the curtains are closed, then it's fine. I prefer some fullness and billow when curtains are closed.


Ded Viking




Inexpensive and easy to install



Really smooth rollers and easy to install. Only downside is the small saw included is a pain to use to cut, but if you have a bigger saw its just fine. Wish the connecting pieces were a but smaller as when you cut the piece, it covers a mounting hole (just my specific application), but these are great overall.



Easy to install and excellent customer service. I bought based on the product description that said 21-24ft, but when I assembled the tracks I realized they were just 21 ft. I needed 24 ft for my project. The vendor sent me an extra piece so I could complete my project. I used this track along my back patio to hang mosquito screens. It is attached to the joists on the patio ceiling, so I had to drill holes in some of the sections to line up with the joists. To install the sections in a straight line I hung a string as a guide and it worked well. I didn’t use the hooks included, I used some clips to secure the curtains instead.


Scooby Doo Ready

Great item.


Arnold Ready

Great item.


Just Me

I bought this many months ago. The installation was a little bit difficult. I would recommend that you go out and purchase new anchors for the wall as these do not work that well in my experience. I had to replace them all as the ones with the kit ended up falling out with the weight of my curtains. I had one other issue as well where the end of one of the pieces had a sharp part sticking out and it cut my hand, but it was minor. Those details are important. These are not heavy-duty but could probably hold some light curtains quite easily. I am using them with very heavy sound-proofing curtains and they are holding up, but barely. They also stick at the connection points. Overall, it's working for now but just wish the quality was better or that it was better suited for heavier items as well.


Kyla Mcloughlin

So easy to install. Perfect to divide a room.


mom of 5

Works well with a curtain to use as a room divider. was easy to put up. need 2 adults and a ladder



Installed 21 feet of track on our back patio. Very impressed with how this project turned out. The track does exactly what it is designed to. Everything goes together pretty easily and it comes with everything you need to install the track either indoors or outside. You get all of the mounting hardware and multiple sets of end caps so if want to divide out the entire set in to multiple separate sections you can do that. I have seen a lot of complaints about the hack saw that it comes with. Yes it's small. Maybe only 8 inches long but I did not have any problems with it. Just start slow and get a grove going. Set the bar on something sturdy and use the weight of your free arm to keep it stable. The saw will cut. I only needed to make one cut and for that it was perfect. Plus now I have a little saw.


A. Diarra

1. it wasn't clear on the ad that it was in small sections - I thought they would be at least 6' long, instead it's all in 3' sections, which is kind of a drag.2. the connectors prevent the track from screwing flush into the ceiling, and if you screw it tight to the ceiling at the other points, it bends the track down at each connection, making the rollers stick at each one of those points. Overall bad design - the connectors should just slot into the sides, not go all the way around the bottom. I'm going to take them off and see if it works better.3. The slot is so thin that a drill gun bit won't fit in without grinding against the sides when tightening. It's a pretty flimsy, light-weight product overall.



In general it gets the job done . But for the price i think the quality could be much better . It’s a little difficult to install with popcorn ceilings but doable. I’d recommend heavier curtains so it slides better . Pretty easy to assemble though. All in all it gets the job done


Art Teacher

The instructions are not great but i was able to figure it out. The end caps don’t resemble the ones In The instructions and there’s no mention of joining pieces if you got a track that requires that. I have concrete ceilings and drilling and mounting is not easy. So...I used 3m Velcro mounting strips. I used 2 (16 lb) strips per track. I have light drapery so I think it should hold up. It’s been one day :). I will edit later if the mounting strips don’t work. I live alone and it’s quarantine time so I was on my own mounting this- It took me 2 hours and that includes unboxing and adding the drapes.



I really like this product! It was easy to install and works great. We're very happy with it.



I really like this product! It was easy to install and works great. We're very happy with it.



Installs East and quick. Anyone can install and it’s affordable


Michael Huynh

Everything is there for the installation. It is not a deal breaker but it would be nice if this company make the 90 degree bend section. It seems simple to do but they don't make it. It is too bad.

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