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Ceiling Track Set For Drapery Curtain Room Divider

Ceiling Track Set For Drapery Curtain Room Divider Item NO: CTS90709102

US$ 66.99
Small 3ft-6ft Medium 6ft-9ft Large 9ft-12ft X-Large 12ft-18ft
  • Curtains are sold separately and are also available in our Room Divider Kits.
  • Painted white make it perfect to hold up well with the humid environment.
  • Made of strong aluminum alloy with solid and strong structure.
  • 2 installation methods. One is to use connector, the other is not to use the pre-drilled track for ceiling attachment.
  • The S hook work with grommet, and the eyelet ring work for pinch pleated curtains pin hooks.
  • Track sets are sized for a variety of window and room sizes. Extra big hooks fit for any kind of curtain. Fit for Studios, Apartments, Shared bedrooms, Windows, Closets, Office space, Hospital rooms, Restaurants.
Product Name Ceiling Track Set For Drapery Curtain Room Divider
Item NO CTS90709102
Weight 1.7000 kg = 3.7479 lb = 59.9657 oz
Category Window Hardware
Tag Ceiling track
Brand ChadMade
Creation time 2019-07-10


* Ceiling Track Sets take the hassle out of purchasing the different components of a curtain track separately. 
* Our Ceiling Track Sets are easy to install, user-friendly, and come with everything needed to create and separate space with ease. 
* We offer a variety of track set sizes to help you find the perfect track for your space. Whether you need a curtain track for a small or big space.

* Fit for Studios, Apartments, Shared bedrooms, Windows, Closets, Office space, Hospital rooms, Restaurants.


* Track Width: 1 inches.
* Track Height: 3/4 inch.
* Track + Roller Hook Height (Height from the top of track to bottom of roller hook): 3 inches
* Track is pre-drilled for ceiling attachment and includes drywall mounting anchors and screws.
* Connector help you to line up and connect easily.
* Open and close your curtains with ease bu using slide rollers.
* Saw help to cut your track within 1 minute to the perfect width for your space.


Small - 3ft to 6ft Wide, for Spaces 3ft - 6ft Wide.
Set Include: 2 Tracks,1 Connector,14 Rollers, 14 Hooks, 8 Screws, 2 End Hooks, 2 End Caps and 1 Saw.

Medium - 6ft to 9ft Wide, for Spaces 6ft - 9ft Wide.
Set Include: 3 Tracks,2 Connector,21 Rollers, 21 Hooks, 12 Screws, 2 End Hooks,2 End Caps and 1 Saw.

Large - 9ft to 12ft Wide, for Spaces 9ft - 12ft Wide.
Set Include: 4 Tracks, 3 Connector,28 Rollers, 28 Hooks, 16 Screws, 2 End Hooks,2 End Caps and 1 Saw.

x-Large - 12ft to 18ft Wide, for Spaces 12ft - 18ft Wide.
Set Include: 6 Tracks, 5 Connector, 42 Rollers, 42 Hooks, 28 Screws,2 End Hooks,2 End Caps and 1 Saw.


mom of 5

Works well with a curtain to use as a room divider. was easy to put up. need 2 adults and a ladder



Installed 21 feet of track on our back patio. Very impressed with how this project turned out. The track does exactly what it is designed to. Everything goes together pretty easily and it comes with everything you need to install the track either indoors or outside. You get all of the mounting hardware and multiple sets of end caps so if want to divide out the entire set in to multiple separate sections you can do that. I have seen a lot of complaints about the hack saw that it comes with. Yes it's small. Maybe only 8 inches long but I did not have any problems with it. Just start slow and get a grove going. Set the bar on something sturdy and use the weight of your free arm to keep it stable. The saw will cut. I only needed to make one cut and for that it was perfect. Plus now I have a little saw.


A. Diarra

1. it wasn't clear on the ad that it was in small sections - I thought they would be at least 6' long, instead it's all in 3' sections, which is kind of a drag.2. the connectors prevent the track from screwing flush into the ceiling, and if you screw it tight to the ceiling at the other points, it bends the track down at each connection, making the rollers stick at each one of those points. Overall bad design - the connectors should just slot into the sides, not go all the way around the bottom. I'm going to take them off and see if it works better.3. The slot is so thin that a drill gun bit won't fit in without grinding against the sides when tightening. It's a pretty flimsy, light-weight product overall.



In general it gets the job done . But for the price i think the quality could be much better . It’s a little difficult to install with popcorn ceilings but doable. I’d recommend heavier curtains so it slides better . Pretty easy to assemble though. All in all it gets the job done


Art Teacher

The instructions are not great but i was able to figure it out. The end caps don’t resemble the ones In The instructions and there’s no mention of joining pieces if you got a track that requires that. I have concrete ceilings and drilling and mounting is not easy. So...I used 3m Velcro mounting strips. I used 2 (16 lb) strips per track. I have light drapery so I think it should hold up. It’s been one day :). I will edit later if the mounting strips don’t work. I live alone and it’s quarantine time so I was on my own mounting this- It took me 2 hours and that includes unboxing and adding the drapes.



I really like this product! It was easy to install and works great. We're very happy with it.



I really like this product! It was easy to install and works great. We're very happy with it.



Installs East and quick. Anyone can install and it’s affordable


Michael Huynh

Everything is there for the installation. It is not a deal breaker but it would be nice if this company make the 90 degree bend section. It seems simple to do but they don't make it. It is too bad.


Spa Owner

The only thing we would’ve changed about this product is the installation screws seemed extremely cheap and soft. We went to the local hardware store and $2.25 later, had great quality screws. Super easy to install and held our panels beautifully. Nice lightweight track that looks nice. It’s clean, sleek and functional. Would buy again!


Tiffany M. Maczynski

Easy to put up- works great as a room divider



Easy install easy to use


Rabid 1

Very nice. Easy enough to install if you read the instructions. Very happy with how it looks.



The Pro: It is high quality powder coated track. The sections were straight, not bent and sturdy. It's not hard just takes a little time to line everything up exactly. It arrived quickly.

The con: The sections are too short, too many for what I needed (18') I asked they not include the hacksaw. It's a waste as I had one. They did not honor my request.
I did not feel it was clear from the images or description that track would come in these short 4' or so sections. Too many chances to hang when sliding open or closed if one's ceiling is not 100% level.
I wish I purchased from another company that I did previously that sold their tracks in 8-10' track lengths but I had only so much time to get ready for the holidays so we just put them up. Too late to return now that I have issues when I open or close one section because there's a slight gap and the wheels of the pulley catch everytime.


Son Le

great item and fast shipping



Practically foolproof installation. The curtains just glide across the track. Was disappointed that it didn't come with the plastic wands to assist with opening and closing, instead of having to pull on the curtain itself. I would recommend.



Ok so I did not buy these for curtains. Currently I have an Oculus Rift S and I coupled this with some Kiwi Design Cable Management Pulleys. This has completely taken our game play to the next level!


Joe Gonzalez

I really like this product! Simple to install.


Amazon Customer

Super easy to install. Easy to cut , especially since they include a saw.


David Bollinger

Very easy to install and very heavy duty

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