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LIZ Polyester Faux Linen Curtain Drapery Custom
LIZ Polyester Faux Linen Curtain Drapery Custom


US$ 29.00
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  • 2021-10-19
    D. DuBoff
    I ordered this as a replacement for an old curtain, and while I had to wait a little due to it being custom, the finished product looks and feels good.I could have gone a little wider- but it blocks the light in my office as needed.The quality and finish on it is excellent.
  • 2021-10-18
    Ines S.
    The curtains are very well made! I was surprised they were ready do fast ( considering they were custom made). I was a bit hesitant when I ordered them, because I was concerned if they will fit on my windows. The customization process was clear and step by step. The curtains are a little heavy but they make the place look very cozy and nice.
  • 2021-10-16
    bob giza
    Curtains are high quality and defect free, a good value. The seller was great to work with, I would recommend.
  • 2021-10-15
    Quality and service were meet my expectations. Drape were great, blackout and thermal liner helps temperature inside of our house (hot hot in FL heat).Custmer service response promptly and until you are satisfied all questions, they are not start making it. I'm very happy with curtains.
  • 2021-10-10
    F. Rosen
    These drapes are well-made and they look really nice. They just seem to be a little bit long for the measurements that I took, and the hooks on the plastic inserts for the traverse rod are too big for the holes in my traverse rod. I’ve had my rod for about 25 years, so that’s probably why. However, they hang nicely and look really nice. I suspect they will keep it warmer in my living room over the winter, and they certainly block out the light. I’m pleased.
  • 2021-10-09
    Very pleased. easy explanation and friendly installation looks great and very cheap comparing to similar options.
  • 2021-10-08
    These are really great drapes. The seller is wonderful about answering questions. I sent for the samples they offer and I am glad I did. Found a color that is almost the same as my walls. Drapery hooks they send are very clever--you can adjust them so you can adjust where the bottom hem falls next to your floor. Only one small quibble--you will need to iron them before putting them up. The hems on the side were never ironed after being assembled and they don't look too good. I didn't notice that until I put the drapes up--now I have to take them down to iron them.
  • 2021-10-08
    Cheri P
    I needed to replace my patio door curtains so I ordered these. I am very pleased with the fabric and the craftmanship of these. They are heavier than I expected, which is a good thing. They hang very nicely and are the exact size I wanted.
  • 2021-10-08
    Amazon Customer
    This is a quality, lined, light blocking drape. However, the plastic hooks that came with it cannot support the weight of the drape which covers a 6' sliding door. I purchased metal hooks and am very pleased!
  • 2021-10-07
    Jeff Duplantis
    These do not look like linen.
  • 2021-10-03
    Kristi Flournoy
    Makes me feel like a grown up- they are heavy and great quality- black out as ordered
  • 2021-10-03
    A Jasman
    I'm a bit of a drapery snob, having had drapes custom made for my last two houses. I've gone from casual country drapes to overly fancy and fussy silk drapery with lots of detail.All custom.In my recent updates to my decor, I wanted a relaxed linen look, but with just that touch of formality a pinched pleat adds.After reading the reviews on these, I thought they'd do the trick, saving me a trip to the Los Angeles fabric district to pick out the drapery fabric and the bother with custom design.So glad I ordered these!I got Beige White with the blackout liner to add body and substance, eventhough my dining area doesn't need blackout.These are so well made! Surpassed my expectations. The liner on mine is just perfectly white. But these are really heavy. Which is fine. Just be prepared with a sturdy drapery rod and an extra support.I was so excited to see them hanging that I hung them when they arrived on my existing curtain rod that I will be changing and before even steaming out the wrinkles.If you're looking to puddle your drapes, these puddle effortlessly...the picture shows the puddle that occurred without me even doing anything. I'll be hanging the new curtain rod higher to have the drapes actually just kiss the floor.Hopefully the photos show a good representation of the Beige White color, the fabric texture, and the whiteness of the liner.They came with plastic drapery pin hooks that allow for height adjustment of your drapes up to 3 and 3/8 inches.Overall, very pleased!! Going to steam them and get them on the new rod at a higher level and enjoy the instant transformation of the room! Well, more to come with new paint and flooring, but this is a fabulous start.
  • 2021-10-02
    Sunshine Lady
    I bought the Chad Made 50 x 63 length as a replacement for my old JC Penny long drapes.The width and new length is perfect for my window. At first I did not like the plastic pin hooks but I have to say they are so handy because they are adjustable and I moved the hook down two notches to have it closer to my travis rod. Now no gap. You have to make sure you do NOT adjust them to far.I definitely would buy again. Sorry I could not get a lighter photo. This is the rust brown color.
  • 2021-09-24
    I am so pleased with this purchase! I needed a shorter length to leave baseboards uncovered as well as room darkening, thermal-lined drapes. I was able to custom order size, color and backing, the process was self explanatory. There is also another wide window and a patio door with matching drapes. I was concerned that there may be a problem with measurements or matching but they are perfect!. The accompanying photo was taken with the drapes just hung right out of the box, before they are steamed.
  • 2021-09-24
    Betty A.
    It was hard to find a good patio sliding glass door in the pleated style. We have a rod that has the hooks and cords for a pleated style and didn't want to change rods. I like that they had numerous colors and widths and lengths.
  • 2021-09-23
    Amazon Customer
    These curtains are a dream! I was looking to spend about $1000 at pottery barn for virtually the same thing. They met all of my expectations!
  • 2021-09-22
    Jason Y.
    This is my 3rd set of these curtains (won't be my last). They look really nice and custom. Seller is extremely responsive and helpful. Originally, I was sent the wrong length, I messaged them, and they immediately made the correct ones and shipped them. I received the new ones in about a week from letting them know the issue. All in all, a great product and I'm very happy overall.Highly recommend getting the sample book if you are unsure of colors.
  • 2021-09-22
    Exactly what we were looking for. I do wish they were more black out. A good bit of light still comes in (we did get black out lining). They look so lovely in our room.
  • 2021-09-20
    Our decorator helped pick these out, after having seen so many Instagram raves. We were very curious to see how they would turn out - and they are wonderful! Truly do black out the light – our quality of sleep has improved dramatically. She also received a sample of the available colors so we were able to match properly. The white is stark white, ivory is a bit yellowish. Works for some rooms, just not our light gray/blue bedroom. The color we chose had some brown in it but it blended well in the full curtain form. Very happy for the $$ spent
  • 2021-09-17
    These curtains feel heavy duty, well made, and have a lovely rich color.
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