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  • 2020-06-21
    Returned. Quality was not the greatest.
  • 2020-05-24
    Gina K
    One Rod came with rust on, not sure what it was. I was able to wipe it down though
  • 2020-03-08
  • 2020-02-24
    kelly paulson
    I only received 2 wall brackets so I can’t extend the full rod.
  • 2020-01-27
    Stephanie Nead
    I really enjoy this curtain rod, however this size did not come with a third bracket to put in the middle. The rod is sagging dramatically in the middle even with it not fully extended. Unable to use it without a 3rd bracket.
  • 2020-01-23
    Scott R Matthews
    I actually hoped this would be a little nicer. It will do the trick but does have some sag to it. It could have used a middle bracket on my 77 window.
  • 2020-01-07
    johanna tolentino
    The best part of this product is how easy to assemble it is, however, the screw threads and use are really poor quality and they need to have at least 2 extra ones.
  • 2020-01-07
    The best part of this product is how easy to assemble it is, however, the screw threads and use are really poor quality and they need to have at least 2 extra ones.
  • 2019-10-26
    lynn robinson
    Loved the rod however I should have inspected it closer prior to putting up the brackets as the rod itself was dented. At that point, I just finished installment but not overly happy.
  • 2019-10-14
    Samantha Wiley
    The problem with this rod is that the curtains hang too far off the wall and let a bunch or light in so they’re not good for blackout. Otherwise they look nice and are sturdy.
  • 2019-09-29
    Happy Mom
    Not bad. For the money.
  • 2019-09-14
    The design of the brackets wasn't my favorite...the screws strip out super easy when you drive them into wooden trim (even with pilot holes). Other than that they seem sturdy enough and are attractive looking.
  • 2019-08-30
    I love the way these curtain rods look their super cute. Only complaint I have is they are a cheap material with cheap paint
  • 2019-06-24
    This product looks great however, I found the one I got slightly flimsy in the middle section. I didn’t return, I figure out a way to make it work
  • 2019-05-12
    Overall I really love this rod, I bought two of them in different lengths. Both sets of directions mention a middle bracket that's not a full O shape, neither set had this bracket however. I didn't have time to return them and order something else as I work overnights and needed to hang my blackout curtains ASAP, otherwise I probably would have returned them.
  • 2019-04-22
    Mary Jo Powell
    The installation hardware was not in the box.
  • 2019-02-05
    Anna M. Rutherford
    I love the look of the curtain rod. The only problem is the assembly. I don't know if a piece is missing. I have had several people try to put it together and no one can figure it out. I called about the first one and they sent another one and it is the same way. The directions say there are 3 pieces, there are only 2. It says to extend the rod there is no rod to extend.
    I am at loss.
  • 2019-01-30
    Solid, durable curtain rods. Great product for the price! Love the rectangular brackets, one of the main reasons I bought it. I’m only giving it three stars at this time because the hardware was loose in the packaging and the plastic insert meant to keep the rod “snug” with the extender rod was completely chewed up. It fell out when I assembled the two rods together. I’m curious if someone retuned it and it was shipped to me without being checked. Needed to get the curtains hung so I’m just using it as is. Will order more but really hoping the next one doesn’t come damaged as well.
  • 2019-01-04
    these look great in our guest room. However, they only get 3 stars because one rod had a broken piece on the inside, the ‘stopper’ part we figured out. They still work ok though. They are lightweight and I wouldn’t put heavy curtains on them but otherwise
  • 2018-10-15
    Amazon Customer
    The rods look sturdy but I'm afraid it's going to droop in the middle once I have my curtain hanged.

    The ad says there are three brackets included in the package but mine only had two. It turns out based on the instructions that the center support bracket was only included in the 36-72 and 72-155 inch sets. I got a 48-86 set. This is false advertising, the photo in Amazon clearly shows the mounting hardware had three brackets.
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