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Room Darkening Polyester Curtain Drapery Panel YEFFA
Room Darkening Polyester Curtain Drapery Panel YEFFA


US$ 18.99
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  • 2020-04-21
    Zari A
    Machine washable and almost wrinkle free from the dryer with no color fading. Lined with a satin like material resulting in a nice visual from outside the home. Lovely deep color.
  • 2019-06-24
    Alex J.
    You have many size choices. I had a couple of non-standard window sizes. I took measurements and ordered the closest size option from the drop-down menu (FYI...order a width that is 1/4 inch smaller than your opening). Installation was quick. Looks like a professional custom installation!!! I liked it so much that I ordered more for other windows that I had. I hope they last a long time.

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