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  • 2018-11-30
    Very nice and super soft! The navy blue color looks just like it does online. I like that they have the tabs on the back as an option - the tabs make them look more sophisticated than the rod pockets which was what I was going to use but didn't. I love them!
  • 2018-11-28
    Jennifer Wright
    Exactly what I was looking for
  • 2018-11-28
    Love them !!
  • 2018-11-27
    T. LoGiudice
    I got a set of these for my bedroom a couple years ago to try and block out my neighbors who liked to party all night almost every night. They did muffle the noise a bit, but there’s only so much a curtain can do. My neighbors have since been evicted but I actually liked the way these curtains look, block light, and keep heat in so much that I just recently bought another set for my dining room.
  • 2018-11-26
    C. Peralta
    Great material and perfect for keeping the light from coming in through the window.
  • 2018-11-22
    Laura S. Raymond
    ChadMade Back Tab/Rod Pocket Wheat 52Wx84L Inch (Set of 2 Panels) Solid Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Drape
    These curtain drapes look good, are easy to hang and do blackout themlight.
  • 2018-11-19
    These are beautiful and affordable
  • 2018-11-19
    Hannah Rogers
    These totally exceeded my expectations. The velvet is heavy and luxurious looking. They block the light decently, but not completely. But, they didn’t advertise as black out so I’m not mad :) the light gray is pretty close to the picture. Maybe a little darker. But still beautiful.
  • 2018-11-18
    All I can really say about these curtains is they block out light so well. That if there is any areas the curtains do not cover you will see lights bordering the curtain. It does reduce noise to a point. Also helps me knock out mid day when ultra tired from working every day. I would recommend either getting two or a much larger size to over lap the window opening. Or like me you will have to tape the edges.
  • 2018-11-15
    Excellent quality. Nice and heavy. They work very well. The only thing is they take a long time to get them to you. Well worth the wait though.
  • 2018-11-15
    Good quality for the price. I got the brown because it was on sale for $25 for 2 panels and I needed 4. Material is thick. And the length was what I needed to finish my space. I struggled to find this length locally in stores.
  • 2018-11-13
    Cyndi Snovel
    Beautiful once I put them up right. Check both ends top and bottom well.
  • 2018-11-13
    Alison Gilbert
    Curtains have become rather important as of late-- these do a good job, the paisley pattern is quite beautiful, and they are a great value for the cost.
  • 2018-11-08
    Lisa G.
    These drapes are very high quality
  • 2018-11-05
    I ordered a total of 12 of the 50x108. I am using them in my Home Theater room. The quality is great!!! They are heavy material and look great. The only thing that was hard for me to find was curtains like these that were black on both sides. Only the front side is black the inside is more of a gray color so I ended up doubling up to end up with black on both sides. Other than, that I am very happy with this purchase. The price is not bad compared to retail stores. I would highly recommend these curtains. They look like they would be worth more than $30 each. It's sometimes hard to tell from the pictures what you will end up getting but trust me, you will not be disappointed. They arrived on time as well.
  • 2018-11-01
    I love the curtains they went perfect in my family room. ❤️
  • 2018-11-01
    I bought this to hang in a doorway to block light between two rooms. So far, it's working well! The material is nice and heavy and seems durable. I haven't tried cleaning it or paid much attention to the noise cancellation yet.
  • 2018-10-28
    Kindle Customer
    These are a great value for what you get. I did iron on low and they look beautiful!
  • 2018-10-23
    I can’t tell you how good of quality these curtains are. Besides the fact that I ordered them on a Chinese holiday they still replied to me and rushed shipped them to where I received them 3 days after they sent them... FROM CHINA. They were super nice every time dealing with me even though I wasn’t the easier to deal with. When I hung them they were definitely thick quality and blackout curtains even though I didn’t order the “ black out “ version. These are worth every penny and I would recommend them again. Thank you for my curtains!! The sapphire blue ones are like a gorgeous royal blue.
  • 2018-10-19
    John Dick
    Nice heavy curtains. The quality for the money was unbelievable.
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