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  • 2019-07-14
    WOW!!! These curtains are such an amazing value for their quality and beauty! At Bed Bath & Beyond the price is double for a good quality velvet curtain... our apartment has 10 ft ceilings and being that these curtains have a substantial weight to them they hang gracefully to the floor. DO NOT 2nd guess your decision to buy them you will be beyond pleased!!
  • 2019-05-03
    Ava M.
    These are NOT charcoal gray. The photo appears like a charcoal. Please tell folks know the gray is more of an ash:medium gray not dark gray. I have a pair that a true charcoal.
  • 2019-04-29
    Very nice, high quality curtains for a very reasonable price. I’m very happy with these and they look great in my living room.
  • 2019-04-16
    Love these. Perfect emerald shade and block all light completely.
  • 2019-02-01
    I am very happy with this product. Be sure to read that there is only one panel in the package. I was expecting two per package and was sad when the product arrived with only one panel. The curtains were so soft and beautiful, I ordered the other three to complete my order for my bay window. I would highly recommend these curtains.
  • 2019-02-01
    Brandy Jardim
    Color is exactly like picture & they are good quality. I ordered 2 and they are not the same length (both were suppose to be 63in). I hung them in a large window behind my bathtub and they fall behind the tub so you cannot tell they are different lengths-that why I gave them 4 stars.
  • 2019-01-28
    T. Johnson
    The color looked great, one of the curtains has a thin area, not very noticeable once up; I think I overpaid, the picture on internet makes you think you are getting one pair but for around $30 you get one panel
  • 2019-01-27
    Jordan Benton
    Well crafted nice velvet curtains.
  • 2018-12-27
    The curtin was of excellent quality except it was damaged from your manufactures ink stains.
  • 2018-12-23
    I know quality products and know great, good, and crappy materials. This is high grade velvet. Some people get velveteen made out of cotton mixed up with high grade or crushed velvet. They are different. This is very heavy, so don't buy cheap hardware to hang curtains like these, you will waste your money.
  • 2018-12-11
    I really liked the quality of these curtains. But they only come with one curtain.
  • 2018-12-07
    Alissa Marcum
    Thick, good quality, light blocking curtains. Love them!
  • 2018-11-26
    Brianna R. Lopez
    Great product and fabric
  • 2018-11-19
    Jay Beans
    Exactly what I was hoping for. The curtains are a very dark green and very soft, flat velvet. You can't really tell that they are velvet from looking at them but the material adds a nice texture to the look. I wouldn't recommend them as blackout curtains because a tiny bit of light does get through. They are in my living room where I don't need it fully dark so perfect for my needs.
  • 2018-11-12
    Beautiful, expensive look
  • 2018-11-06
    Louise M.
    Great quality and pretty true to color. Wish they came with a bit more width, 54 inches would have been better. Took a long time to ship, but overall a nice product
  • 2018-10-29
    Love the curtain! Very pretty and it does its job, blocking the light pretty well! It really make my room mich more stylish! Plus, the fact that it comes in the unsual size is just wonderful because my window is wider than normal window and it had been hard to find it to fit my window. I would recommend it to my friends!
  • 2018-10-29
    Very beautiful curtains! Better than description! Very happy
  • 2018-10-29
    Michele Zhang
    Very beautiful curtains! Better than description! Very happy
  • 2018-10-15
    These velvet drapes are lined, hang with grommets beautifully, allowed extra width for fullness. The sewing quality is out of this world=wonderful. Over the past few years I've bought others, from this company with NO regrets. I just kept wanting to order more...I still have 2 more rooms to complete, but I need to save the $$$$$. They are expensive, BUT, well worth the $$$ and the time for arrival ( approx.12 days, I think!). I love these drapes.
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