Cotton Linen Curtain Drapery Flat hook for Track, Lined Curtains

Cotton Linen Curtain Drapery Flat hook for Track, Lined Curtains Item NO: M8010-CM

US$ 34.39 ~ US$ 42.99
Quantity 5-30 31-60 61-100
Discount 8% OFF 15% OFF 20% OFF
Price US$ 39.55 US$ 36.54 US$ 34.39
White Natural Sand Mocha Indigo French Blue Flax Cayenne Black
50 Wx84 L 50 Wx96 L 50 Wx108 L 50 Wx120 L 50 Wx63 L
Customized Requirements
MOQ ( 1 )
  • Sold per panel. Size in inch.
  • Premium heavyweight linen 35% and cotton 65%,.
  • Double layers same fabric lined to enhance weight, fabric weight 500 gsm.
  • Each panel has 8 adjustable hooks. Tenacious plastic hooks have a ratchet system to make them adjustable. Hooks easily installed and removed to control spaces between each other to create folds and waves.
  • 1-inch side hem, 4 inches bottom hem, perfect and professional tailored.
  • Spot clean,circle gentle,dry clean.
Product Name Cotton Linen Curtain Drapery Flat hook for Track, Lined Curtains
Item NO M8010-CM
Style Vintage, Modern, Casual, Contemporary
Features Eco-friendly, Energy Saving, Privacy Lined, Room Darkening
Color Theme White, Natural, Sand, Mocha, Indigo, French Blue, Flax, Black
Pattern Solid
Material Cotton Linen Blend
Collection MaSha Cotton Linen
Header Type Flat Hook
Estimated Sunlight Block 80% - 84.9% Room Darkening
Cutting Direction Buy Length
Care Instruction Dry Clean
Fabric Width (inch) 55
Fabric Weight (gsm) 500
Weight 1.3500 kg = 2.9762 lb = 47.6198 oz
Category Solid > Cotton Linen
Brand ChadMade
Creation time 2018-08-20


ChadMade also provide size and heading custom service only for those listings fulfilled by Seller.
It's easy and quick to order custom made product which could fit your window perfectly. Provide us following information.
1.Heading: Nickel Grommet/Anti-Bronze Grommet/Tab Top/Rod Pocket/Goblet/Pinch Pleated/Back Tab/Plain Hooks.
2.Single Panel Width:__inch or __cm.Measure your rod or track,and decide curtain width.Normally curtain width need to be wider than rod or track width for fullness.
3.Single Panel Length:__inch or __cm.See following guide on how to measure length for different heading styles.
4.Curtain Tieback: No or Yes(standard size 3x18 inches).
1.For grommet,the inside diameter of grommet is 1.6 inches,outside 2.7 inches, 8 grommets in a 52 inches wide curtain.
Measure the drop from the top of pole to where you want curtain to finish.
2.For tab top,the height of tab is 4 inches,and around 6 tabs in a 40 inch wide curtain. Measure the drop from the top of pole.
3.For rod pocket and back tab,the height of pocket is 3 inches to ensure rod could pass through.
4.For pinch pleat and goblet,there are around 6 pleats with firm adjustable plastic hooks in a 40 inches wide curtain. The panel width is the width that pleats are already set in the panel.
Measure from the eye ring where the curtain hooks attached.
5.For flat hooks,come with firm adjustable plastic hooks. Measure from the eye ring hooks. It could create folders without pleats.



I was searching for white curtains that let in light but wouldn't allow my creepy neighbors to see in my windows. I bought and returned at least three sets that were too sheer or too blackout. These are heavy curtains, but the sunlight gets through so you don't feel like you're in a cave, but they are absolutely not sheer at all. No one will peep on you with these babies! Cannot recommend enough!


blu sky

I bought the cream color to help keep the heat in. They have 2 layers and are made beautifully. I will be buying more!


Clifton T. Wrencher

She is even more pleased with them in person. Going to make the dining room pop with the new floors. Very well made, heavy but not overly so.



Be very careful! I ordered one thinking they came as a set. I only got one.... The one I got was very well made and sturdy. I've ordered the second one. LOL


oksana yaremchuk

Heavy and good looking. Love texture as well. Its a keeper.


Amazon Customer

great product



I bought the French Blue option and put these in our guest bedroom that's been painted Let In Rain by Sherwin Williams. First, I was a little worried it would be too much blue on blue, but I'm really happy with the results. These curtains are not black out, but they certainly are room darkening - especially if you have a curtain rod that wraps around (like the double rod industrial style one I built). Personally, I've never spent this much on window treatments before. Even the panels I have from West Elm cost less, but these panels are beautiful and they look/feel very expensive. Worth it in my book!


Teresa P.

These curtains are amazing. I still love them even after 2 years! After I had bought two at first, I realized I’d like more, so even though there were only two longer ones (that were longer than my window needed), I still got them because of how amazed I was with them that I didn’t and still don’t mind the length. I just had searched forever and these are the pure 100% linen curtains of my dreams. I’d youre looking for the same thing, these are it!



Beautiful natural curtains! They need some ironing but are thick and great quality. Very pleased with this purchase.


Sara S.

Beautiful and thick curtains



This is a nice heavy curtain, I was impressed when I receieved them, I just love them



Just perfect!


christine b

These curtains are great quality and are exactly the way they are pictured. The color is perfect



As pictured



Great curtains. It isn't easy to find 100% cotton at an affordable price. They look great in my son's room.



Wow. I’ve bought allot of drapes in my life and these are amazing. The price is amazing! They are very thick and well made. Highly recommend.


Amazon Customer

These curtains are great, I love them..they are well worth the price!



I love the texture and quality of my new drapes!


Sandy G

I like everything about them. They look great. The quality is the best. The workmanship is perfect. Only thing I wish they came in different widths. 50 wide was barely enough to cover window w/o an overlap to cover the morning sun.



I have tried to order a second set of 2 panels to match the first set I bought that were a beautiful double layer linen type fabric. But my 2nd order shipment was a single layer polyester type fabric. Certainly NOTHING like the first set. It has been an exercise in patience for SURE to deal with people on the other side of the world.

They asked me to send a photo of the order that came and a photo of my original order. So I tried and Amazon bounced it back because you can't send photos unless they are so small that you can't see them! Soooo, I had to find some way to contact Amazon and get THEM to send them since they ALSO didn't allow us to exchange email addresses so I could send them direct. THEY BLOCK EMAIL ADDRESSES IN THEIR MESSAGING SYSTEM BETWEEN BUYER AND SELLER. THAT's a pain!! And you have to be a SUPER sleuth to find the spot on this website that will get you someone on a chat so you can then get an email address to send THEM the photos. Good luck with finding the link. I may have to try to find it again to get them to send ANOTHER set of photos to prove to the people on the other side of the world they have now sent me 3 sets of 2 panels and each are different. One was a beautiful linen double layer, the 2nd order was a single layer polyester kind of fabric (ugh) and the 3rd set was the same beautiful fabric as the first set, but are NOT double layer.

My warning to anyone ordering. The fabric should be an all-cotton fabric in a roughish kind of heavy linen. AND they should be a double fabric. I got white so they are a double layer of that same fabric instead of the under lining layer being a silky or something else. That was a plus for me. I didn't want them to look different on the outside and I wanted white showing through from the outside. But, I also wanted white on the inside.

I'm changing my review from a 5 star to a 4 star SIMPLY because I've been trying to get just a 2nd set to match my first set since July 14th. It takes almost 2 weeks to get an order from them due to distance (I guess) and the time in between for them to make them I guess adds to that. So, my recommendation is to ORDER ALL THE SETS AT ONCE and don't think you are going to get them fast. UGH!!!!!
Photo 1 - Single panel (ordered in June that we love) hanging in on of my dining room windows (beautiful huh - if I could just get 2 more panels)
Photo 2 - Up close view of the fabric after I threw it into the dryer with a wet towel because I wanted a rougher informal look.
Photo 3 - The July Order was a different polyester type fabric that came and it was NOT doubled - obviously a mistake made by them.
Photo 4 - My 'replacement set' - correct fabric matches what's hanging in my window - but NOT double layer!!
Photo 5 - Just another shot of the #4 showing the top hanging tape that shows where the hooks go in.
Photo 6 - Shows the hook partly pushed into that tape - and the hooks have a ratchet system to make them adjustable (BIG +++)
Photo 7 - Shows the bag of hooks you get

Good quality. They are double layer of the drapery fabric, not a traditional liner. But that is good because they filter even more light without making the room a cave. The fabric is almost like the quality of a heavy drop cloth you can buy and wash to make curtains from, only they are white (pure white, NOT off-white so it is a bit more of an 'informal look' which is what we wanted.) I plan to buy more for another room. They are a basic style and come with hooks to hang on 'rings' you provide. They hook has a nice click-style adjuster on it which is GREAT for leveling them!!
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