Cozy Up in a Built-In Bed Cubby

Do you want to know the one thing that beats a super cozy bed in the wintertime? I’ll tell you: it’s a super cozy bed tucked into a nook or cubby. I’m not sure what it is about sleeping inside of these spaces, but the protective allure of tight quarters seems to elicit a snuggly slumber. Plus, they can also prove to be great space savers, aid you in maximizing awkward slanted walls, and help you to sneak beds into unexpected places. Take a look at the following design ideas to see if a bed cubby might benefit you, your kids or your guests.
Day beds can be lifesavers for extra sleeping options. Turn a nook like this into a private bedroom with the simple addition of a twin storage bed and curtains.
You may think a desk or storage components might be the best use of a nook like this, but if the bed fits, then use it for the bed. Fitting the largest piece of furniture into the nook will save space in the remainder of the room while creating a cozy little retreat.

A double bed will work too: simply position it lengthwise. Add curtains for an extra sense of privacy and coziness.

If you’re renovating, building or just collecting ideas for the future, consider custom-built bed cubbies. Again, they’re great space savers, especially when surrounded by built-in storage. Add windows to brighten the nook during the day.

Trying to figure out how to maximize space in a room that will be shared? Bunk beds are always an option for making the most of space in a shared room, but for a more sophisticated look, go for bed cubbies. Despite the fact that they’re in the same space, these room-sharers will appreciate the sense of privacy they receive when in their individual nooks.

Cottages and summer homes are great places for bed cubbies, since they’re often filled with extra family and visitors. This family room transforms into sleeping quarters by night thanks to built-in bed nooks.
Holloway Studios
Install bunk beds into the cubby to maximize the sleeping space.
LKM Design
Placed beneath a slanted wall, a bed in itself may appear a little crammed. But when the space is turned into a nook, it goes from awkward to intimate and cozy.

Here’s another nook space created from a slanted wall. A little porthole provides an additional view.

By clearing out this closet and inserting a mattress, this designer managed to create an extra sleeping nook in her home office.

Who said we’re the only ones who love a cozy nook? Our four-legged friends deserve them, too.

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