Curtains in Your Kitchen

I have boring blinds in my kitchen apartment. I'm not supposed to change them out per the rules of my lease but I've been thinking about adding curtains around them to make my retro-inspired kitchen a little bit warmer and more welcoming.

Maybe I feel that kitchen windows should have curtains around them because that's what I grew up with. The kitchen had lacy white curtains with an interesting design - fully covering the bottom half of the window but only covering about half of the top portion of our windows. Later my mom changed these out with brighter red curtains and I think she's been thinking about changing them again lately to suit her newer tastes.

There are lots of options for kitchen curtain design. You could choose a light and airy lacy curtain, a trendy burlap curtain or a thick curtain that shuts out the light (although why anyone wants to shut out light in a kitchen I'll never know!)

What types of curtains do you like in your kitchen?

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