Custom Curtain Drape Quickly

Custom made drapes are curtains that brings elegance to your window. It highlights the warmth it brings and it matched any season. It has different colors which you can choose to personalize your style. It is made of soft fabric that has different designs, too.

It is sometimes mistaken as a curtain. The difference is drapes is made of heavy fabric with considerable length. It has pairs that covers the window that can be drawn open and horizontally closed.

Using a drape can make the surrounding look cool during winter season. They are lined to block the light or cold and heat. They are usually hanged on windows and its bottom part is just an inch away from the floor.

They can be customized according to your style if you want to personify the look of your home. They can either be hang on simple or decorative rods. In usual designs, if rods are decorative, some used a drape with simple look.

Windows look formal and elegant by hanging drapes on it. There are different drape styles that suits to wider window sizes.

Pleated. These are the classical and authentic style draperies. It has a timeless elegance which is versatile when used on your windows. It complements whatever style of room you have.

Panel. This drape is the simple but gorgeous one. Since they are equipped with simplicity, they best match decorative and stylish curtain rods.

Rod pocket. This drapes match sheer fabrics well. This is best for customization using decorative trims to incorporate with a stationary window type.

Tab top drapes. These drapes have decorative fabric loops used to attached to the decorative rods to window panels. This should be designed with equal widths and you can further customize this one by adding some stylish trims, contrast panels or buttons for it to look like couture.

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