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Inquiry form Cedric on Sep 21, 2019

Question body:"I hope I ordered the correct width. Other than this email, thank you by the way, I found no direct way to contact you to ask questions. My automated traverse rod is 167” wide (length) with opening in center so there is overlap of approximately 2-3” in center and wraps around ends another 2". The length from top of rod (not the hooks) is 102” leaving 2” from floor. I wanted the Thermal Blackout Lining but found no option to choose it. Can you please advise me on what width per panel would be best to cover my window but have the smallest possible stack on each side when opened fully so as not to obstruct view too much? Also, what the difference in price will be for Thermal Blackout Lining? Color choice is Rock Grey. After receiving the curtains and I like how the look, etc I will order the curtains for my remaining large windows, one with exactly the same specs as this one and another one with the stack going to only one side."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          click here to know detail 

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