Dark Hardware Anchors a Light Space

We're all about light interiors. Neutral palettes, soft tones, white on white. But sometimes that sea of white needs a little something to anchor it. To avoid getting lost in a neutral palette, a touch of black or dark brown is a huge help. Dark hardware is one of our favorite ways to add bold dimension in a lighter room. Here are some rooms that do just that.

This neutral room is the kind of place we could curl up and fall right to sleep in. The tones are so soothing. We love how this designer chose to draw the eye away from all those neutrals with a punch of dark wood. The contrast between the curtain rods and the curtains shows them both off.

Sliding doors take a relatively simple concept and turn it into something extraordinary. When choosing a white-on-white door and wall scheme, use a punch of dark hardware to break things up. A matching handle can finish the look and make sliding a breeze.
Crisp Architects
Whereas chrome or nickel hardware makes things feel more modern and streamlined, dark hardware can lend a rustic feel. In a room that needs to feel both airy and cozy, dark hardware serves as a contrast to a light cabinet. The design of these cabinets combined with the hardware adds an almost barnlike feel that blends beautifully with the gorgeous fireplace.

When designing a room, it's easy to get caught up in the idea that everything has to match. Using different tones and textures, though, is often what gives the room its appeal. The brushed nickel knobs in this dining area are a nice contrast to the dark curtain rod, floor and light fixture. While a light curtain rod on the light wall would have worked here, the effect of this rod is that it carries a hint of the deep colors in the adjoining room over, creating a cohesive look.
In a room where you're trying to achieve a glamorous feel, your first thought may be to stick with touches like chandeliers, mirrors and elegant fabrics. It may be tempting to choose a shimmering curtain rod and hardware, but choosing darker touches can add so much depth.
Tanner Vine - 2Go Custom Kitchens Inc
On a wall of bookcases, there's nothing better than a great ladder. Not only is it practical, helping you reach those higher shelves, but especially against a light, bright set of shelves, the ladder instantly becomes the focal point of the room.

This well-proportioned den is the perfect size for a cozy gathering area. Custom lighting and light colors give the room an airy feeling, while richer, warmer tones make it feel intimate. Bamboo shades have become a design staple, and a dark curtain rod in a similar tone helps blend with the curtains, creating a warm, aesthetically pleasing backdrop.

A dark piece in an airy room has an anchoring affect. Here, the lighter tones are beautiful and blend seamlessly, and the dark, metal rods add a contemporary touch in a room with a traditional feel.

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