Extend Window Design Solutions With Short Curtain Rods

Chalk this up as one of those solutions that's so obvious I can't believe I've never thought of it before: extra-short curtain rods. These petite pretties are a perfect fit for a tight wall space, oddly shaped windows and a host of other design issues that make a full rod difficult to install. They won't necessarily provide privacy — they're used more as a decorative finishing touch, framing a view with floor-to-ceiling texture and color. If you want to screen out sun or prying eyes, you'll need to layer them with blinds, shutters, shades or sheers. 

There are lots of short curtain rods in various styles on the market. But if a full-length model catches your eye, consider having a carpenter or metalsmith cut it down to size. 

Where would you use shorter curtain rods in your home? Let us know in the Comments.

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