How do I pick the best curtains for my home?

Our homes are where we spend most of our time and enjoy the company of our loved ones. We leave no opportunity to embellish our dwellings and make our living even more joyful. Apart from the overall layout of the design pattern of our houses, the paint, tiles, paraphernalia and curtains are some additional household items that make our homes look spectacular.

Given the multiplicity of options available on the market, choosing the right set of curtains in treating your home windows may not be so easy. Apart from offering privacy, curtains serve a lot of other purposes.

In this post, we have tried covering most of the aspects you can factor in while trying to buy curtains and get the best windows treatments. Below are eight suggestions you can find useful.

1- What defines the best curtains and why you should go for the best?

As in every consumer durable commodity, there is a wide array of options that ranges on a vast continuum. Definitely, there is a whole assortment of options even in your windows treatments solutions. 

Choosing the right fabric is indeed an important factor to consider. Just the looks of the fabric can add a significant amount of splendour to the overall room. Besides, some fabrics are intrinsically thick or thin that can shield sunlight or allow it to seep in. 

The colour of the fabric, needless to say, should carry the overall layout of the room or the house. The right choice of colour can add real vibrance to the room or otherwise can make it look dull.

Types of curtains

2- The history of pinch pleat curtains

Pinch pleat curtains or pinch pleats, as they are differentiated from regular curtains, came in production in 1954. 

The lining on this specific form of curtains offers great insulation when the curtains are closed. This unprecedented utility made pinch pleat curtains take over the market in no time and they soared the competition.

Manufacturers soon capitalised on the revolutionary curtains and made them in various fabrics along with varied textures. Besides, depending on individuals’ needs, pinch pleat curtains are now available in lined, unlined and box types.

History of curtains

3- Terms to know

Buying curtains may seem like a task as simple as just walking into a store and picking up a set. It can actually be so if you are well-versed with what you are looking for. 

Pleats of a curtain are sewed folds such that they cannot be undone; due to this, they ensure some amount of folding even when the curtains are fully closed. This adds weight to the curtains and better blocking of sunlight.

Non-pleated curtains, i.e. sheers do not have the sown foldings or pleats. Pencil pleat curtains have minimally pronounced pleats. Pinch pleat curtains, on the other hand, have more pronounced pleats. 

Common curtain glossary

Velvet Curtain Drapery

4- Pros and cons of pinch pleat curtains

As pointed above, pinch pleat curtains have set a strong foothold in the market and for most people, they are usually the first or the only option to look for. The pinched, uniform foldings that are highly accentuated give a feeling of opulence to the windows. 

Besides, added folds means more fabric per square inch is required for covering a window; this adds more weight to resist strong wind currents and is less permeable to light as well.

One possible demerit one can think of is that the foldings can distort the design pattern. People often have to go for small yet pervading or intricate design patterns.

Pros and cons of using curtains

5- Examples of pinch pleat curtains

Pinch pleat curtain has now become an umbrella term, given the fierce the market has become in terms of competition. There are several types of pinch pleat curtains available for you to buy.

Inverted pinch pleat curtains are those in which, the sewed part, which is the smaller part is facing away from the window. They have an aesthetic appeal to some. 

Box pinch pleat curtains or box pleat curtains are made with elaborate spacing between each pleat. Besides, the thus folded pleats look box-like in shape.

Pinch pleat curtains with intricate designs can make unquestionable window treatments.

Choosing the right heading for pinch pleat curtains

6- Tips and reminders for buying the right curtains

Just to reiterate, there is a whole plethora of options to choose from. Naturally, it can be baffling for someone without the right approach to start the search. 

Start your search with the curtain types, namely sheers, pinch pleat etc; funnel down the search results and go for the right colour, then zero in the texture and fabric. 

Remember, the fabric, design and how well-accentuated the pinched pleats are determine the amount of shade you can get from the curtains.

Heavy curtains do not move much with the wind but may obstruct much more sunlight than you want them to.

Important points to know before buying curtains

7- Analysing

You might have already conceptualised the curtains that you wish to use for your beloved homes as you have the right insight into the matter now.

The right terms can be handy for you to run the search input. You can start out right and narrow down the results to be able to get the most desired outcome of your purchase. 

Curtains can actually make your home look lively and radiant by adjusting the amount of external light. You can be sure to protect your privacy at all costs yet get the best aesthetics for your home.

Uses of curtains

8- Additional resources for custom curtains

As we have tried to cover almost all important points that can help you buy curtains that serve your needs all squared, you might still want to explore the topic further. 

Below are some links for further reading.

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Curtains may seem like simple utility household items, nevertheless they can add more dimensions like luxury, grandeur and so on. Their long-lasting nature also means that you are in for a one-time purchase that you will never regret for years.


Please feel free to consult us and choose the most suitable option for you. Our assortment of curtains can be a one-point solution for the most cost-effective and the most grandiose curtains on the market with a good degree of customisability.

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