How to Girly Up a Bedroom

As anyone with a little girl knows, a bedroom is her place to dream and forge her own identity, which my parents so indulgently allowed me to do. And design is a great way to express that identity. Ready to inspire your daughter or granddaughter’s creativity? Read on to get easy, stylish ideas for anything they’re into – even if it’s just for a week.

If She’s a Bookworm

Alyssa Kirsten

She’s had her head in a book ever since she learned how to read – just add a bookcase, shelves and a lamp to create a cozy reading nook. The designers behind this whimsical bedroom even included a small table to make this space double as a homework station.

If She's in Tune with Nature

Invite the outdoors into your daughter's bedroom. One reader used this dandelion decal as a low-cost headboard, which served as inspiration for the rest of the room's design. Consider adding a potted plant or making a terrarium for girls developing green thumbs.

If She’s an Aspiring Artist

Go ahead — let her draw on the walls. A few coats of chalkboard paint turn any wall into an oversized sketchpad.

Catlin Stothers

If She Loves to Pretend

One minute she's a princess, the next she's trailblazing the Wild West. She's also got big plans to explore the cosmos...after her nap.

A dress-up station is a perfect solution for the child with a wild imagination. Try removing a couple of the drawers from an old dresser, give it a fresh coat of paint and then install a curtain rod to create a cute storage space for costumes.

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