Pinch Pleated

inch pleat curtains have a timeless design that has long been used. It gives an elegant look and match any house decors whether they may be formal or traditional style. It has wide variety of options for you to choose from. It uses several types of curtain materials and patterns. It has colors with variety of choices like stripes, plain and solid colors.

It is the best choice if you want to enhance the ambiance of your room. Any window size can make use of pinch pleat curtains. Using a decorative cloth to hang this curtain will surely complete the elegance you want to achieve on your style.

Decorative rods match with pinch pleat curtains will give you a focal point on the room. The latter is not difficult to hang on to the rod.

The rod should be attached. You have the options to use  rods with clips, rings or pins to attach the curtains. Rods with rings are recommendable to use because it allows the decorative to show while curtain is hung on the ring.

Use a stepladder to hung the curtain easily. There are also rods which are already attached on top of the window frame which are also easy to use.

Each panel should be hung at a time. Attach the pleat either ways, may be left or right, to the ring, clip or pin. After they are attached smoothen the fabric with your hands and tug it on slightly.

Do the same procedure on the other side of the panel. Make sure curtain rods have enough rings, clip or pin because the pleat should be attached separately using these three.

Adjust curtains to ensure pleats are balance. Make sure the width of the pleats are equal to the other pleats to create a clean and neat design.

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