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RUTH Cordless Blackout TriShades Day/Night Honeycomb Shade with White Backing Beige Sheer

RUTH Cordless Blackout TriShades Day/Night Honeycomb Shade with White Backing Beige Sheer Item NO.: RWZS-951213B

US$ 19.99
Beige (341.07091) Khaki (341.07092) Dusty Blue (341.07093) Burgundy (341.07100) Green (341.07101) Grey (341.07102) Rose (341.07103) Cinnabar (341.07104)
Mount Type
Inside Mount (Ceiling Mount) Outside Mount (Wall Mount)
Headrail Finished Width in Inch ( deduction 1/4 inch from window casing for inside mount)
20(+US$ 33.00) 21(+US$ 33.10) 22(+US$ 33.20) 23(+US$ 33.30) 24(+US$ 33.40) 25(+US$ 33.50) 26(+US$ 33.60) 27(+US$ 33.70) 28(+US$ 33.80) 29(+US$ 33.90) 30(+US$ 34.00) 31(+US$ 34.10) 32(+US$ 34.20) 33(+US$ 34.30) 34(+US$ 34.40) 35(+US$ 34.50) 36(+US$ 34.60) 37(+US$ 34.70) 38(+US$ 35.00) 39(+US$ 45.00) 40(+US$ 55.00) 41(+US$ 65.00) 42(+US$ 75.00) 43(+US$ 85.00) 44(+US$ 95.00) 45(+US$ 105.00) 46(+US$ 115.00) 47(+US$ 125.00)
Width Fraction in Inch
0 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 7/8
Height (from headrail top to blinds bottom) in Inch
12(+US$ 32.00) 13(+US$ 32.10) 14(+US$ 32.20) 15(+US$ 32.30) 16(+US$ 32.40) 17(+US$ 32.50) 18(+US$ 32.60) 19(+US$ 32.70) 20(+US$ 32.80) 21(+US$ 32.90) 22(+US$ 33.00) 23(+US$ 33.10) 24(+US$ 33.20) 25(+US$ 33.30) 26(+US$ 33.40) 27(+US$ 33.50) 28(+US$ 33.60) 29(+US$ 33.70) 30(+US$ 33.80) 31(+US$ 33.90) 32(+US$ 34.00) 33(+US$ 34.20) 34(+US$ 34.40) 35(+US$ 34.60) 36(+US$ 34.80) 37(+US$ 34.90) 38(+US$ 35.00) 39(+US$ 37.00) 40(+US$ 39.00) 41(+US$ 41.00) 42(+US$ 43.00) 43(+US$ 45.00) 44(+US$ 47.00) 45(+US$ 49.00) 46(+US$ 51.00) 47(+US$ 53.00) 48(+US$ 55.00) 49(+US$ 57.00) 50(+US$ 59.00) 51(+US$ 61.00) 52(+US$ 63.00) 53(+US$ 65.00) 54(+US$ 67.00) 55(+US$ 69.00) 56(+US$ 71.00) 57(+US$ 73.00) 58(+US$ 75.00) 59(+US$ 77.00) 60(+US$ 79.00) 61(+US$ 81.00) 62(+US$ 83.00) 63(+US$ 85.00) 64(+US$ 87.00) 65(+US$ 89.00) 66(+US$ 91.00) 67(+US$ 93.00) 68(+US$ 95.00) 69(+US$ 97.00) 70(+US$ 99.00) 71(+US$ 101.00) 72(+US$ 103.00) 73(+US$ 105.00) 74(+US$ 107.00) 75(+US$ 109.00) 76(+US$ 111.00) 77(+US$ 113.00) 78(+US$ 115.00)
Customized Requirements
  • 2 Shades IN 1. Beige sheer pleated and solid cellular. Sheer light flitering rate 50%, and complete blackout solid cellular. 1 inch celluar pleat size, aluminum film coated inside. Heat insulation, anti-UV, noise reduction, Energy-efficient. Front colored, white backing seen from outdoor to reflect sunlight perfectly and make shade look uniform from the curb.
  • Made from white metal headrail and bottom rail. Solid cellular 100% Polyester Spun Lace Non-woven Fabric.
  • Inside mount: A clean, built-in look, 2 inches minimum depth requirement. 1/4 inch headrail deduction taken at your actual measuring to ensure the fabric does not touch the edges. Order width = Window casing width minus 1/4 inch. Note there will be slight gaps on sides due to fabric deductions. For more light blockage, consider ordering as outside mount.
  • Outside mount: A taller looking. Outside window frame. No minimum depth requirement. We recommend ordering additional width 2-6 inches to prevent light gaps on the sides of your window.
Product Name RUTH Cordless Blackout TriShades Day/Night Honeycomb Shade with White Backing Beige Sheer
Item NO. RWZS-951213B
Lift Systems Classic Cordless Lift, TriShade, Day / Night
Room Type Media Rooms, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Kids Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Nursery, Office, Home Theater, Reading Rooms, Public Space
Pleat Size 1 inch
Cell Style Single Cell
Front / Back Color White Backing
Light Control Blackout
Collection RUTH
Weight 1.4100 kg = 3.1085 lb = 49.7363 oz
Category Shades > Cellular Shade
Tag blackout , Custom , Shade , cordless shade , Cellular Shade , Honeycomb Shade , Cordless Window Blinds , White Backing , Honeycomb Blinds , TriShades , Day/Night , Beige Sheer
Brand ChadMade
Creation Time 2020-12-30


  • Get the look you want and need with these fabulous two-in-one window coverings. Let in beautifully filtered light with the top half or block it out completely with the bottom. Premier Blackout TriShades quickly take you from day to night – and back again – with the touch of a button. The built-in cordless system lets you lock them in position with an easy-to-use handle.
  • Cellular window shades are a modern window treatment solution constructed of multiple, small honeycomb cells within the shades. Cellular shades offer excellent insulation and improve a room's energy efficiency, but also offer a wide array of customizable options. Cellular shades get their name and insulating power from their honeycomb shape that traps air between the window and the room, buffering against heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. The reinforced metal headrail covers the working mechanisms of these blackout products and is color-coordinated to match the fabric and metal bottom rail. White backing for a flattering street view.
  • Classic Cordless Blackouts honeycomb shade are perfectly suited for bedrooms, kithen, dining room, bath room, livingroom, home theaters, home offices, even nurseries. Cellular shades are easy to clean window treatments that have anti-static and dust repellent properties. Clean them by vacuuming dust off with the brush extension on your vacuum cleaner. The special honeycomb cells have major benefits like added insulation, light filtration, room darkening options, and stack in a neat, accordion-like style that won’t block your view when raised.
  • Hang them anywhere you need to catch a little shut-eye or eliminate unwanted light and glare. The energy-efficient 1 inch single-cell pleats with aluminum film coated inside also help you save on heating and cooling costs and even act as a buffer to outside noise, so you can really get some peace and quiet! Whether you're a night owl, early bird, world-champion napper or your run-of-the-mill movie-lover, we has you covered. You deserve to have light when you want it and darkness when you need it. Enjoy naturally filtered light or black it out entirely with only one shade! Eliminate the need for two separate coverings on your bedroom windows with this unique, day/night custom window treatment. Adjust the level of light and diffuse 99% of harmful UV rays by simply lowering the sheer pleated fabric on top. Or raise and lower the blackout cellular fabric on the bottom to block light completely and keep prying eyes outside from seeing in.
  • Easy installation. Set hardware include 2 brackets, 4 screws, 4 nails and 1 shade. Prepare tools these tools drill, drill bit, awl, ruler, pencil, and screwdriver before install. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Specifications and Installation

  • Fit width space: From 20 inches to 47 inches
  • Fit max length: 78 inches
  • Fit max square meter space: 2 sqm
  • Min Inside-Mount Depth: 2"
  • Min Flush Inside-Mount Depth: 2"
  • Headrail Dimensions: 1 5/8" D x 1 5/8" H
  • Headrail Material and ColorMetal ( in white)

Product Features

Measure to order correct blinds width

Tools prepared for installation


Mike Holbrook

Love this blind. Great price. Good functionality.



The product is great. High quality. Recommend!

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