Think Like a Designer: Amazing Trends You Can DIY at Home

There's no better place to recharge your design batteries and get a dose of "I wish I'd thought of that!" inspiration than the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Designer Showhouse and Gardens in the leafy Atlanta Buckhead neighborhood. it's open until May 14, so if you are in Atlanta, or just want a good excuse for a weekend getaway, I highly recommend a tour. This year's gorgeous 1967 Georgian mansion was reconceptualized by builder Michael Ladisic and architect Yong Pak. With dozens of designers involved, this 2017 showhouse offered ideas galore for ways to try new color ways, vignettes, materials and storage ideas in your own home, many of them achievable in a weekend or less. I picked up a few great concepts I plan to roll out in my own humble cottage in the months ahead.

David Christensen

Kelly Green is King

This great spring color popped up all over the 2017 Southeastern Showhouse and for good reason: it is the perfect harbinger of spring and gorgeous against neutrals and soft blues.

Keep Flowers Simple

This arrangement of hydrangeas in designer Lauren DeLoach’s breakfast room is GIY (Grow It Yourself) easy: all you need is a hydrangea bush to produce ample blooms to fill a medium-sized vase. But you could leave that centerpiece arrangement out of your tablescape and get a just-as-charming effect at your Mother’s Day or garden party table with small bud vases with single blooms and the charming addition of bright green apples, as seen here.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Think in multiples when creating tabletop vignettes.

Succulents, Always

There’s never been a more architecturally interesting, adaptable to any vessel, low maintenance plant material created. Except moss.

Sweat the Details

A useful metal bin of kindling becomes sublime with birch branches mixed in and housed in a rustic-chic container.

When in Doubt, Wallcovering

A small, oddly shaped room becomes exceptionally interesting with wallpaper covering every wall and ceiling surface as seen in this artist's atelier by HGTV Magazine-featured (look for them in the May issue) designers Lathem Gordon and Cate Dunning.

Treat Your Outdoors Like Your Indoors

The talented designers at Huff-Dewberry made their pool porch ultra-chic with smart details like Sunbrella lampshades and wooden furniture painted with exterior paint for weather-hardiness.

Succulents, the Sequel

Remember what we said about succulents? Do it again.

Display Your Wares

Don’t leave your collectibles and heirlooms stored behind glass in cabinets or dry sinks. Display them in multiples and turn them into décor.

David Christensen

Sometimes Matchy-Matchy Works

To create cozy luxury, repeat the same pattern in bed linens, wall coverings and curtains as in this swoon-worthy bedroom by Sarah Bartholomew. Sigh.

Multiples for Whimsy, Multiples for Décor

Clothespins in a laundry room or tongue depressors in a guest powder room add interest and wit.

Turn a Hobby Into Décor

Whether you show dogs or just hit the thrift stores hard, display trophies and other mementoes for added whimsy.

Make it Yourself

Turn vintage wood into art or a headboard. Designer Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beari Designs created this gorgeous reclaimed wood headboard and adorned her wood with her own custom paint colors.  She also created the very rustic-meets-Jasper Johns bullseye art.

Clipboard Art

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