Your Closet Doors: From Everyday to Chic and Unique

Generally speaking, it’s the wardrobe inside the closet that garners all the attention. But what about the closet doors that lead you to that wardrobe? It may be time to transform that point of entry with anything from paint to fanciful curtains to an entirely new door. If you’re looking to give your ho-hum closet doors a little zest, take a look at the creative solutions from a few fellow Houzzers for instant inspiration. You may wind up spending more time ogling your magnificent doors than you do your wardrobe!
Wallpaper is an easy solution for dressing up your closet doors. This designer cleverly chose squares of several different designs to create an eclectic and personalized look for her door.

Wallpaper can be cut into anything you want, like a floral lion roaming across a hill of chalkboard paint. This idea is great for giving your children’s closet doors a playful touch.

Simple curtains slide away to reveal the whole wardrobe system in a Seattle home full of small-space ideas.

Curtains work wonders when spaces are too tight for swinging doors. Simply remove the door and hang a curtain in its place. Think of it like dressing a window: Measure the length and width of your closet carefully, choose a rod and curtains of appropriate size, and install. Before you know it, the closet will have an entirely new personality.
Transform your child’s room into an abode fit for royalty by replacing the closet doors with soft, elegant curtains.

Look closely; it's hard to tell if you are looking at closet doors or a beautifully painted mural. By positioning the door handles near the floor, it’s nearly impossible to tell. Besides, isn’t a water view more appealing than your typical closet door?
Fiorella Design
Create a place for artistic expression by adding chalkboard paint next to your closet door. All that is required is a can of paint and a few hours of labor to disguise a closet with a surface for art.
If chalkboards aren’t your thing, consider a dry-erase board. This designer embedded one into the wood frame of the door, creating the perfect spot for a quick note or a whimsical drawing.

If it’s in your budget, consider replacing the doors altogether with something unexpected and unique. These beautiful custom-made doors feature butternut wood with an applied milk paint finish that gives them a warm, antique look.

Another option is a set of truly vintage glass doors. You may be able to find some inexpensively at your local flea market, antique store or architectural salvage yard. Wardrobes are generally colorful and full of texture, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to have them in full view through lovely glass doors.

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