Great Ways to Dress a Bay Window
If you’re hemming and hawing over curtains and shutters — or nothing at all — these bay window treatment ideas can help
2019-10-12View More
Have Your Open Kitchen and Close It Off Too
Get the best of both worlds with a kitchen that can hide or be in plain sight, thanks to doors, curtains and savvy design
2019-10-09View More
Pick the Right Drapery Top for Your Room's Style
From rod pockets to goblet pleats, the headings of your curtains speak volumes about your attention to detail
2019-10-08View More
9 Ideas for a Beautifully Draped Home
Go bold with your curtains and drapes for all the privacy you need and heightened drama too
2019-09-29View More
The Case for Stationary Draperies
Curtains that open and close are great in some situations, but stationary draperies can give you a better view (and save money too)
2019-09-25View More
Stop That Draft: 8 Ways to Keep Winter Chills Out
Stay warm without turning up the thermostat by choosing the right curtains, windows and more
2019-09-23View More
How Low Should Your Drapes Go?
Hover, brush the floor or pool like Scarlett O'Hara's tears — we give you the lowdown on curtain length options
2019-09-21View More
Create a Casbah on the Patio
Gauzy sheer or blocking sunlight to the max, curtains for a patio, deck or balcony come in styles for every budget
2019-09-19View More
8 Wonderfully Creative Window Treatments
If regular curtains and rods feel too off the rack, look to these imaginative alternatives for one-of-a-kind windows
2019-09-18View More
Curtain Wall
Hung from rather than part of a building's structure, a curtain wall is usually made of glass
2019-09-16View More
It's Curtains for You
For a fuss-free, inexpensive decor element that can be changed in an instant, think curtains for windows, walls and more
2019-09-09View More
Velvet Curtain Ideas to Tempt You Over to the Soft Side
Luxurious, cocooning, tactile: Fall for the window treatment that makes a statement in bedrooms and living spaces
2019-09-05View More
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