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Cary Cotton Linen Polyester Blend Fabric Swatch Sample Booklet (36 Colors)

Cary Cotton Linen Polyester Blend Fabric Swatch Sample Booklet (36 Colors) Item NO.: ISABELLA

US$ 15.99
Paper White XY7084-0 Flax XY7084-1 Flame XY7084-2 Peacock XY7084-3 Off White XY7084-5 Ivory XY7084-6 Gardenia XY7084-7 Bone White XY7084-8 Seedpearl XY7084-9 Silver Birch XY7084-11 Safari XY7084-12 Tan XY7084-13 Winter Sky XY7084-16 Smoke Blue XY7084-18 Slate Gray XY7084-19 Apple Green XY7084-20 Green Banana XY7084-21 Forrest XY7084-22 Slate Blue XY7084-23 Greenlake XY7084-24 Hunter Green XY7084-25 Aqua Haze XY7084-28 Teal XY7084-30 Sea Port XY7084-32 Royal Blue XY7084-35 Purple XY7084-38 Navy XY7084-40 Khaki XY7084-41 Yellow XY7084-42 Orange XY7084-44 Pink XY7084-46 Coral XY7084-47 Red XY7084-54 Burgundy XY7084-55 Brown XY7084-59 Black XY7084-60 Isabella 36 Colors in 4x6 Inches(+US$ 24.00) Isabella 36 Colors Booklet(+US$ 34.00)
  • Header type, size customizable.
  • If the curtain length is over 100 inches, the max wide to achieve is 102 inches without piecing for tab top, rod pocket, grommet, back tab and flat hook header, and 50 inches for pinch pleated and goblet. If the length is within 102 inches, width is no limit.
  • Fabric swatches lead time 7-10 days via DHL expedited shipping.
  • Not Returnable.
Product Name Cary Cotton Linen Polyester Blend Fabric Swatch Sample Booklet (36 Colors)
Style Shabby Chic, Vintage, Luxury, Nautical, Coastal, Modern, Casual, Contemporary, Country, Classic
Features Blackout, Heavy weight, Cafe, Eco-friendly, Door Patio, Kids Teen, Energy Saving, Privacy Lined, Room Darkening, Blackout Lined
Material Polyester Cotton Blend
Color Theme Teal, Khaki, Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple, Navy, Burgundy, Coral, Off White, Paper White, Pink, Apple Green, Peacock, Flame, Gardenia, Bone White, Sea Port, Royal Blue, Aqua Haze, Hunter Green, Greenlake, Slate Blue, Forrest , Green Banana, Flax, Ivory, Brown, Black
Pattern Solid
Applicable Scene Hall, Office, Restaurant, Garage, Kitchen, Basement, Utility room, Open air cottage, Media room, Study, Bathroom, Entrance, Sun room, Pool room, Game room, Nursery room
Collection ISABELLA
Shading Rate 95% - 99% blackout
Cutting Direction Buy Width
Care Instruction Machine wash with similar colors, do not bleach,warm iron.
Fabric Width (inch) 108
Fabric Weight (gsm) 500
Weight 0.5000 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Category Accessories > Fabric Swatch
Brand ChadMade
Creation Time 2019-11-16

Color# Color Name
-0 Paper White
-1  Flax
-2 Flame
-3 Peacock
-5 Off White
-6 Ivory
-7 Gardenia
-8 Bone White
-9 Seedpearl
-11 Silver Birch
-12 Safari
-13 Tan
-16 Winter Sky
-18 Smoke Blue
-19 Slate Gray
-20 Apple Green
-21 Green Banana
-22 Forrest 
-23 Slate Blue
-24 Greenlake
-25 Hunter Green
-28 Aqua Haze
-30 Teal
-32 Sea Port
-35 Royal Blue
-38 Purple
-40 Navy
-41 Khaki
-42 Yellow
-44 Orange
-46 Pink
-47 Coral
-54 Red
-55 Burgundy
-59 Brown
-60 Black

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