For the past years, we have continued with the mission of inspiring people to discover and embrace new styles of curtains for better living through high quality fabrics, colors, and accessories. Through the E-commerce, we successfully reached the hearts of many homes around the globe. We started with an Amazon store on 2015, then we developed our own online store on 2018 and later we opened a shop in WayFair on 2020. We're extremely proud of that. We know that behind every website there is a person with a unique idea. We want to empower business owners with an online presence and help them achieve their goals.


Join us in our mission, earn money and apply to the ChadMade Affiliate Partner Program.



chadmade affiliate program comission 


Up to 2500 credit points per order

Recruit new customers for ChadMade's premium plans and get an attractive commission. The more customers you refer, the more money you make. We pay you up to 2500 rewards commission for every customer that’ll make a purchase, and up to 10*orders  rewards commission when you become our Top Affiliate partner.


Unlimited payout

The more customers you refer, the more rewards money you make. We pay you a commission for every customer who makes a purchase. There's no maximum limit.

Access to our affiliate tools

Our Affiliate Program is sponsored and administered by chadmade which manages your affiliate account and assures that you receive timely commissions. ChadMade will provide you all the links and banners needed to feature our products on your website. Since we can provide a variety of links and promotional banners you can place our promotional tools in several places on your website, maximizing the chances that your customer will make a purchase, and you will receive a commission.



1、Fill with the application form here

2.    Sign up for our  website Here.

3.    login your personal account and click the  my affiliate on the left of dashboard

4.    You'll get access to ChadMade's promotional materials

— so you can start earning right away!


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